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  1. Check this: http://wiki.cyanogen...genMod_Settings search for Haptic on that page. It should be under CM Settings - Input.
  2. Does Bluetooth RSAP work with CM on the X? https://play.google...._from_developer https://play.google...._from_developer I'd love to be able to make calls in my car again, but it requires RSAP... I haven't rooted my device, so if anyone could test this (see if it reports errors installing or running and if possible; connect to the carkit) for me I'd be grateful.
  3. I use Fancy Widget, but it's no longer available on the market. The apk of the free app can be found on the internet. Latest version is 1.3.0. LauncherPro Plus has some nice sense-like widgets. Calendar/Facebook/Twitter/Friends/People. The plus version isn't free though.
  4. I believe the option to toggle signature verification is under 'install zip from SD'
  5. One way to find out; ask the chef.
  6. It only works on ROMs that have their system apps properly signed (Like Cyanogenmod ROMs, with testkeys??). It doesn't work on most Sense roms, which have been signed with official release keys.
  7. Rudolfje


    Great app, I like it. Is it me, or does Sense UI restart when toggling the service?
  8. I don't. They tweeted that they already have it and will release it after 3.2. (or 3.2.1) I believe they'll get it done.
  9. Lindroid works with my VOIP provider. Sipdroid used to work as well.
  10. I doubt it will work on a non-sense ROM. Dialer One is available in the market and is said to have similar functionality. The Sense Dialer app should be in (almost) every Sense ROM out there...
  11. That info is in the build.prop (in /system)
  12. No, it's not possible (yet). http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-desi...odaco-vote-now/
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