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  1. deanparkr

    T-Mobile HSDPA speeds plummetting

    Ive been using T-Mobile HSDPA alot more now Uni has started - i'm getting great speeds at around 120k ;) Thats down in the South.
  2. deanparkr

    T-Mobile HSDPA speeds plummetting

    I think ive got the k /kbs /kwhatever wrong. The speeds I have feel fast. Its much faster since the days of standard 3G on T-Mobile. 120k = 1.2mbps? (????????????)
  3. deanparkr

    T-Mobile HSDPA speeds plummetting

    Today I saw 120k down on the "Internet explorer download box". Not too bad ;) Its usually around 120-190k. So I guess it has wobbled a bit recently but nothing too bad.
  4. deanparkr

    T-Mobile HSDPA speeds plummetting

    Looks like you've lost HSPDA speeds and gone down to 3G. Have you tried calling T to see if HSDPA is still enabled on the account? haha wow! Just realised Pete, your the same person who helped me get HSDPA activated on my account via PM! Thanks! hehe ;)
  5. deanparkr

    HSDPA with the Diamond on T-mobile WnW?

    I would agree about pushing voice calls onto 2G. There does not seem to be any benefit of having voice on 3G as it takes alot more battery life from the phone. 3G for data and 2G for calls I say!
  6. deanparkr

    HSDPA speeds

    ooo fantastic :D
  7. deanparkr

    HSDPA speeds

    T-Mobile have recently added WnW Plus to my account with HSDPA and my phone is now showing the "H" icon in place of "3G" Ive plugged my phone in as a modem to my laptop and in Internet Explorer upon starting a download i'm seeing 180 ish speeds in the download speeds. Now... I dont really understand my KB's Kb's kb's kbits to know for sure if thats a good speed for HSDPA? 180KB/s does that sound right for T-Mobiles advertised 3.6mbps? Confused! :(
  8. deanparkr

    T-Mobile introduce HSUPA 1.4mbs Upload Speeds!

    is HSUPA compatible with HSDPA phones? For example if HSUPA was enabled on an HSDPA phone would there be any increase in upload speeds? Is T-Mobile the first to introduce this? T-Mobile always seem the be the first to introduce new technologies! Good on them!
  9. deanparkr

    T-Mobile cuts roaming data charge by 80%!!

    Its definitely good news. Its a shame it doesn't extend out of the EU though!
  10. From Mobile-ent.biz Eighty per cent cut indicates just how exorbitant previous price points were.From July 1st T-Mobile will slash the cost of internet access from a handset or laptop mobile broadband connection while roaming in the EU from £7.50 per megabyte to just £1.50. The reduction comes in the same week EU commissioner Viviane Reding railed against the cost of data roaming in Europe and off the back of GSMA research that showed European data roaming traffic had jumped by 75 per cent. The fact that T-Mobile can lop 80 per cent off its data charges and presumably still make money indicates that current rates were exorbitantly high. http://www.mobile-ent.biz/news/30746/T-Mob...roaming-charges :D :( :o
  11. deanparkr

    T-Mobile HSPDA

    Does anyone know if its possible to get HSPDA on a SIM Only deal? I have justSIM 20 and W&W Plus but have been told that HSDPA is not avalible on any SIM Only plan. Has anyone on here got a SIM-O with HSDPA?

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