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    i8000 @ GC JD1
  1. its in Samsung setting in the first Touch Alert tab :P btw. this rome have something i was looking for a long time! NO SMS SEND BUBBLE POP UP!!! you're my master twu2 !!!! thank u for this!
  2. does anyone solved that issue ? provided solution dont work for me ;/ EDIT: nvmd, i did smthng wrong, and its working fine :rolleyes:
  3. Try using S2U2 insted of WM6.5 lockscreen.
  4. its quite common issue, i had it once flashing custom rom, reflashing helped, but i think its something conected with CSC, which one do u have ? for JD3 PDA there is JD5 CSC btw. how much free ram u guys have ? i got 152 total and 90 free after boot, so this one got 15MB page pool, right ? i have tried some custom JD4, JD6 and went back to this one :P its the BEST one so far!! :D
  5. is it normal when after day of use i got 20mb free ram ? im using the first version
  6. why u asking me ? ;) i did this just for a test to see if theres any difference and i have to say... hmm.. i dont see any ;) and i mean siriusly no difference since the free ram avaiable is still the same ;/ the responsivness and overal performance are pretty much the same, no slowdowns or something like this,
  7. Hi GC, thanks for clear anwser ;) i flashed about ~20roms i8000 till now, but theres one thing i still dont understand.. now im trying your JD1 with 0MB PP and got 167MB total RAM to use, after installing usual SPB + Espresso and PhoneEx and hour of use i end up with 45MB free ram, its the same situation as JC1 with 16MB PP, JB1 and so on.. is this that memory leak in WM6.5x that eats whatever free ram u have or i do something wrong ? EDIT: i didnt do the patching properly, so i guess im still on 8MB PP ;) my bad...
  8. 70mb free ram with sbp + mobile espresso ;) nice ! ;)
  9. is there any difference betwen wm build 23103 and the new ones 23554, i know that the first one is ms official wm653 and the 23554 is a leaked one, but aint a newer one better ?
  10. i have strange problem, recived massages (sms) are dated yesterday, so the samsung message chat is messed up.. does any one had trouble with that ?
  11. theres also a new wifi manager ;) its nice, simpler with more options... anyway, does anyone had any problems with manual disconecting from ...eee... data network from mobile operator?
  12. most important question for me... is the samsung keyboard finally wm653 compatible ? ;)
  13. theres a better one here on modaco 3 post lower :P AccDPad - simulate dpad by tilting phone
  14. nice ROM! great peace of work, ive installed GTX theme and some addons and its stunning, i love manilla, i love the htc dialer and so on, but... :P i got only 35Megs of RAM left, and unfortunatly when i was using SPB + MobileSence i had ~50mb free (with PhoneEx, S2U2 and some other stuff running in RAM) and its was much more faster, responsive and usable...
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