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  1. hi there all - am going around in circles trying to work out a way of recording call automatically. after trying various apps and hacks the best and only reliable way of recording calls on the blade (that i found) is by pressing the 'menu' hardware button once call is connected and than pressing the 'record' option on the pop up onscreen menu. now i want to do this automatically so i created a macro in tasker to run through this actions (on 'phone offhook' -> 'menu' button -> dpad down ->dpad right ->dpad press) the problem is that there is slight delay between each command and if i put the phone to my ear before the end of the macro the sequence is disturbed (the onscreen menu disappear on proximity) so now i am assuming that pressing the 'record' option generates some kind of command that can be executed from a terminal to start the recording - i can use LocaleExecute plugin to execute the command but dont know how to figure out the linux command....
  2. hi there all - my rom is SS5. i currently use the inbuilt call recording feature (pressing 'menu' once call connected, press record on the pop-up menu) recording are currently saved on the root of the sdcard with a file name voicerecordingXXXXX.amr (Xs are digits) I would like the file name to include time stamp caller number and if possible save it to a dedicated folder on the card rather than root but i cant find a way of changing the settings. can anyone help please?
  3. hi there all my phone is a blade with SS5. i would like to record all my phone calls automatically, both sides of the conversation (i know there are legal issues but lets put that aside for now) the only app that worked for me in recording both sides of the call without using the speaker-phone method is AllCallRecorder. it works but is not reliable (it sometimes stops recording after few seconds for no apparent reason) pressing the menu button once the call connects and than pressing record works great but it requires me to do it manually so i was looking for a way to automate that. so i came across tasker and was hoping for the best but it falls short on executing macros (its audio record option does not work on my phone - something about 'cant init the audio') and than i came across a thread about the LocaleExecute Plugin as a way of tasker generating key presses and my hopes are high again but i cant find any reference to the command i need to perform this two-events-macro - press menu and than record can anyone here help with that this is how far i got: profile in tasker, event: phone offhook, plugin: execute, script !inputkeyevent1 this does not bring the menu on screen as it happens when actually pressing the hardware button so not sure if it works.. the plugin is a way of executing linux commands but what are the correct linux commands i dont know...
  4. hi there all - my blade is unlocked and on SS5. my email is gmail and everything seems to sync properly, all email is synced and displayed properly and on promptly. However every time i try to send an email (new or a reply it stuck in the sending stage and is not being sent... also cant delete emails etc from the phone - they will delete on the phone but not from the gmail account server - it did definitely work before on older roms but dont know when it stopped working can anyone help? Solved now. seems to be known bug, one elaborate solution is here: http://www.seanstoner.com/blog/2010/09/12/...sue-on-android/ however it did not work for me as i ahve deleted the original offending messege so in the end i just went to Settings->Applications->Manage applications->Gmail and "Clear data" cheers michel
  5. ok - not sure if this was written before - was getting nowhere trying to install this rom from ubuntu (without clockworkmod) - only to realise that i to do it through root - i.e. sudo before './install-linux.sh' - probably a bit stupid of me not to realise it but might save someone else a bit of headache if you noted this in the instructions cheers for a great site! michel
  6. hi there - using JJR6 and in general it all works well one annoying feature that i came across is when making a phone call the phone vibrates when theother side answers the call - anyway to disable it?
  7. try mymarket or atrackdog which works in tandem with the original market and sort out updating of manually installed apps
  8. hi and thanks for the great work on the roms. just wondered if this relies on the froyo apps2sd or has the original a2sd used on the 2.1 roms (or even better will be to use the a2sd+ which moves the Dalvik cache to the card as well) for the differences: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=743489 as far as i understand a2sd+ is the way to go...
  9. as far as i understand a2sd+ moves the delvik cache to the card as well which frees more ram - i was advised on another thread to use it after wondering why is my internal storage was being eaten up despite a2sd working fine. I have som 40-50 apps installed and my a2sd partition on thecard is only half full (some 220 mb left) but already found it impossible to install gun's glory due to shortage of memory space.
  10. thanks for the advice. i have a2sd but not a2sd+ included in the hungarian rom. how can i install/upgrade to a2sd+?
  11. hi there all - does this include a2sd or a2sd+? if only a2sd howdo i upgrade to a2sd+?
  12. hi there all - running hungarian rom version 1 with it's A2SD implemantation working great on my card. I have installed many apps and it lloks like they do go to the sd card but the thing is that Quick Info Pro show that my internal memory is going down as well ( i now have only 23mb free out of 208mb internal storage - A2SD storage: 213mb free) BTW what does it mean that the internal storage is going down - if i run out of space on it but still has space on the a2sd storage, can i still install/run applications well? cheers michel
  13. yep you need to activate the sim (i called the 0800 orange online shop number and was asked for my order number or something similar) - week later got the credit
  14. hi there all again - this time i am trying to get total recall working but it will only record one side of the conversation, the other person's voice but not mine. did anyone manage to get it working? stock orange rom with orange apps removed, trying to record conversation made using on board mike...
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