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    Smoking copius amounts of Ganja, and being proud of it. Drag Racing/Monster Truck/Wheelie Truck Crew + Promotion. GPS. Divining Water Leaks
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  1. Mines arriving in the morning... will i get shot for saying I got it from Handtec!?
  2. Guess who's going to extend his overdraft... gulp! Not had a new phone for 5yrs! (t-mo branded htc universal) I know incomprehensible to some of you... But after 2 batteries, several dunkins in water and resoldering the usb contacts (with a ginormous magnifying glass!!) I think it's time to bite the bullet and the HD2 looks like a bullet I wouldn't mind gnawing on.
  3. I too 'jumped ship' recently, after being with orange since the original spv was launched, I upgraded twice,(e200 then c500), but my tarrif always stayed the same... When looking at upgrading to an m5000 and being totally disillusioned by the 'annouce it as launched then wait; tactics of orange, I noticed t-mobiles web n walk offer, I'm now the proud owner of an Mda Pro on a far better deal than Orange could ever offer me... I feel sorry for those folks on t'other threads hanging on for an upgrade when such good offers are available from other providers. Loyalty means very little to Orange...
  4. Tried that and no, It's not there!... T-mobile musta removed/not asked for it... looks like I'll have to get me card out ;)
  5. And I wouldn't take that too seriously either, I've just entered my postcode and been told that 3g covers my area!, Bo££ocks, My Mda Pro only connects via gprs, and the only time I've seen a U denoting a 3g signal is on the way back from the T-moblie shop in Leeds, I wasn't expecting to get 3g @ home as we can't get channel 5 or freeview due to the number of repeaters needed in my high sided valley (of death!), Theres a hell of a lot of folk excluded by the so called 99% coverage claimed by the likes of phone companys/tv folk.
  6. I considered O2 but found when i rang and asked how video calls were charged they said out of your 4mb access package and then quoted a silly price per Mb thereafter! Couldn't find owt better thans this deal from t-mobile: http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/Dispatcher?menui...walk200_mda_pro Am well Chuffed, and as for Rom updates I'll have to wait and see and if t-mobile are slack then I'm sure the folks over at Xda Developers can knock something up in the kitchen.
  7. One Word : NO TomTom have yet to wake up and support windows mobile 5 with Qvga
  8. Er.... A lot better than other variants?? , I doubt it... I doubt you'd be able to tell the difference.. and theres always the possiblity of putting whoevers rom image you want on it..... I suggest you all consider leaving orange, get yourselves the phone be it either from t-mobile or O2 (I did and got a way better offer than the one from orange) , Then bang O's rom on, when it becomes available.. They are merely playing with your loyalty... show them that It's the customer thats right for a change!
  9. Think i'll be changing the rom away from t-mobile and towards i-mate, what will they charge for next?? p.i.e? the on/off switch? Currently looking for an exe
  10. I waited and waited and.... went with T-Mobile instead! Now the proud owner of an Mda Pro, and it was a right bargain! Although I was a little wary of signing up for 18months the offer of half price line rent for 12 of the 18 months soon eased my mind! £140 for handset,£36/month 40Mb/month INCLUDED (doubt i'll be getting another £200 bill for data, thanks Orange you were really understanding NOT!) Praise the lord for PAC codes! :cheesy:
  11. :shock: :shock: :shock: :oops: ;) :?: ;) :D LOLOLOL, People have been looking for this kind of 'TIP', for ages infact i think theres a cash reward up for anyone who develops an app to do such a thing see here: MONEY FOR RECORDER!, well done afeudale!
  12. Don't think anyones mentioned this before??, apologies if so... Lifted from I-mate's webpage Device Support - ROM Upgrade for i-mate™ PDA2k The latest version of the Microsoft operating system AKU2.6 for the i-mate™ PDA2k is now available for download for some language builds. This will be available in all language builds very soon. The 1.40 ROM build provides some significant improvements in the multimedia capability of the device including Windows Media Player 10 and further media formats available as ringtones. The build also has as new Bluetooth, WiFi and GSM radio stacks. Further GSM audio enhancements are currently under development and expected to be available on this page later in May. These upgrades will erase all existing information on your device. It is strongly recommended that you synchronise your Contacts, Callender, Mail and Tasks to your PC before upgrading your device. On synchronization, hard reset the device (Press the Power ON button and perform a soft reset simultaneously to hard reset) Ensure that Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7.1 is installed on your PC. This can be found on the CD-ROM that came with the i-mate™ PDA2K or can be downloaded from http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile. Follow the on screen instructions. Then connect your i-mate™ PDA2K to your PC with the USB Cable connected directly to the PC. The details of the new ROM image are: For the Worldwide English Build: ROM version: 1.40.00 WWE ROM date: 03/10/05 Radio version: 1.12.00 Protocol version 1337.42 ExtROM version: 1.40.176 WWE Other languages are available on their site, You need to sign in to download Edit x3: This rom includes Windows Media Player 10 and also has SKYPE Version preloaded onto the ROM!!! ;)
  13. :D Fine piece of kit, installed and works fine.... Thank you, (if you get an invalid/failed sim message make sure you put new sim in right way round!! :oops: ;) doh!)
  14. An annoying thing has started to happen, evertime I view Modaco or browse the pages (using pc, w2k)after loading the page an i.e. pop up, appears and states something to the effect "cant open portal blah blah blah" clicking ok closes the page?? Anyone else experiencing the same problem?? Can It be sorted? ta.
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