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  1. hiya, just installed parrot 3200 LS car kit and paired it with my Samsung i300 Seem to work, just wondering if anyone else uses it.... and what profile you set it up as? Headset/otherphone/windows CE etc etc
  2. tedblight

    Camera shutter sound

    why would you want to disable the sound? :oops: lol
  3. tedblight

    i300 crashing

    edit: opps sorry for the double post
  4. tedblight

    i300 crashing

    Hiya, 2 questions: first, whats the most you've managed to get on your HDD WITHOUT getting the error, 'disk space full' and then having to do a Hard Reset. I would like to know and it would be intresting to see if everyone has the same limit. The error only seems to happen when i swap the battuey. I've had 150meg spare on the HDD and it crashed. Now i've got 83% free space and i don't want to overfill it. secondly, can we expect a ROM update for this phone, either from o2 or from Samsung. Cheers
  5. tedblight

    tomtom backlight

    Cheers - works a treat.
  6. tedblight

    i300 help

    things: Your phone should be 'pre-setup' for the internet, on o2, just go onto internet explorer on your phone and the GPRS should connect. Put your ringtones/mp3 in to 'storage/applcations data/sounds'
  7. tedblight

    tomtom backlight

    hiya, can anyone tell me if there is an app that will work on the i300 that will keep the back light on when using tomtom. I've tryed the settings within tomtom but they don't respond. I've seen on MoDaCo that there are some apps. Backlight & LowLight1.0 but they are not compatible with the OS on the i300. I don't really want to mess around with reg.edit Cheers
  8. tedblight

    Album Art in media player

    :evil: i'm stuggleing to do it.... i think i'm doing it correctly, my mp3s are stored in mobile device - smartphone - HDD - My Items - My Sounds, then all my albums are in there ie. Eagles So i find the .jpg i want and rename it 'folder.jpg' (not Eagles.jpg) and thats it? I play tracks from that folder but still no image. Can someone try it and see if the same happends? I spent ages copying mp3s and creating playlists, i don't fancy doing it all again just to add album art. Cheers
  9. hiya, I would like my album art to be displayed when listening to mp3's (on the samsung media player) i've just spend all day filling the 3gigHDD and creating playlists. I've ticked the 'album art' box but nothing happens, just the picture of the cd. My mp3's are in quite a mess. with loads of .jpgs in each folder... Do i have to orinize the album art? ie. front.jpg file names only? if so, is there a format i should use? ie max file size / .bmp or .jpg / filename etc cheers
  10. Hiya I'm using tomtom3 on my M2000 and have installed some custom POI ;) :D Anyway, on my old SPV C500 & tomtom mobile, i could set an Audio alert about 500 yards from the POI so a loude sirren would sound... warning me to slam... er, i mean, i was near the POI.... Can this be done on the tomtom navigator as i can't see it anywere, if not does tomtom navigator 5 support audio alerts??
  11. tedblight

    new to pocket PC's

    Wow - as we speak there is an Orange ROM update just released for the M2000 - i hope someone has started a topic on Modaco about it - i'd be very intrested in the pros and cons of the update
  12. tedblight

    new to pocket PC's

    No, should i be? I only have my tomtom maps, mp3s & videos on the storage card...
  13. tedblight

    new to pocket PC's

    It was just my kinda luck that the first program i tried and installed stopped the dam thing booting up.
  14. tedblight

    new to pocket PC's

    not a stupid question m8 - but no, i ain't - i got it all from the freeware on this site... so far ive reset several time and it all been fine.... I just haven't installed that Windows Media Quick Launch....
  15. tedblight

    new to pocket PC's

    ;) things are looking up it seems that when i install the Windows Media Player homescreen plugin - i get an error at the end of the install, but the plugin works fine - anyway i've installed each program at a time and reset - so far its been ok - i'll keep that program off... shame it looks useful as well....

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