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    GPS Lag

    I use IGO8 and it works great, no lag and a 10 second fix using agps
  2. thepeoplesclub

    Goodbye Omnia

    Had my Touch Diamond 2 now for a couple of days now and to be honest I'm well impressed. It's not a massive step up from my omnia but it feels a bit smoother and quicker. Touchflo 3d is fantasic, I had touchflo 2 on i900 but this one has the obvious animations but has extra menus for contacts etc and really runs fast with no lag. I have mobile shell 3 running and tf3d at the same time with no problems. I had IGO8 on my omnia which is the best gps program I have used, I installed it on my diamond and it worked first time. Didn't have to do a thing, the gps locked on straight away and it seams to run a bit smoother on the diamond. The screen is 480x800 WVGA and looks fantastic browsing and viewing photos etc. Even the supplied qwerty sip is great, never miss a letter on the T9 and won't be installing another one like touchpal etc because you don't need one. The only downsides are the camera, no flash, no designated camera button and the camera is a bit slower to take a photo. It's 5mp and takes quality pics but I do miss my omnia's camera. It has no dpad, no finger mouse lol, and the g sensor only auto rotates in certain applications but there is a way round this apparently. Overall I'm glad it feels like a slight upgrade, so if anyone wants an omnia upgrade but something similar then I definitely recommend it. I will hang around this forum as I know I will pick up handy stuff for my phone, I will have to go xda because the topaz forum here is a bit too quiet but thanks again for this forum.
  3. thepeoplesclub

    Goodbye Omnia

    Ha ha great replies, no way would I even consider an iphone because I'm too clever and good with computers to have one of them! I will recieve my diamond 2 in a couple of days, so I'll let you know what I think and how it compares to my omnia. There's no way I would ever dis my omnia because it's one hell of a phone, but I am looking forward to trying the diamond 2 even tho the camera will be poor compared to our i900 <_<
  4. thepeoplesclub

    Goodbye Omnia

    Just want to say a big thank you to everyone here who has contributed to this great forum and all the programs and tweaks that made my i900 a joy to have. Sadly I broke my omnia by dropping it in the toilet at a restaraunt, don't ask. So my i900 was totally water damaged, and had to send it off to my insurance company to repair. Sadly they couldn't fix it and tried to get me a replacement handset. And now they have told me I couldn't receive an omnia so offered me some poorer devices in my eyes. I eventually settled on getting a HTC diamond 2, which is looks a good phone but I will defintely miss my omnia. I will keep looking on this forum and hopefully pick up some good things for my new phone, but thanks again for the best omnia forum on the internet <_<
  5. Many many thanks for all the themes they are all fantastic and bring new life m2d. This thread should be stickied at the top!!!!!!!!
  6. I had this problem with m2d closing random and opera mini through esmertec java was always shutting down. It would happen every day and it has only just stopped when I unistalled Second Today. I had Second Today running spb wireless monitor as a 2nd today plugin to monitor my grprs, now I just use Spb wireless popup on my program list on m2d to check out my data. It worked for me hopefully you will find something similar that will help you, I have M2d and S2U2 still running ok all the time with no programs closing.
  7. I fixed my weather by totally removing m2d, and removed m2dc and every theme I had downloaded. Re-installed m2d from the cab and re-installed m2dc and applied new themes. I think an omnia based theme caused problems as my weather was always stuck on the omnia weather icons cartoony ones.
  8. I have M2dc the customiser tool saved in my storage. I transfer all the themes to the theme folder on my storage and everything works apart from the weather icons never change. Can anyone please help? :(
  9. thepeoplesclub


    I have M2d installed on my device memory sorry, what I meant was I have M2dc the customiser tool saved in my storage. I transfer all the themes to the theme folder on my storage and everything works apart from the weather icons never change.
  10. thepeoplesclub


    I have this installed to my storage and placed all the themes in the theme folder. whenever I change a theme, everything changes ok except the weather icons slways stay the same and don't change. I have installed m2d from the cab files, can anyone help?
  11. I installed manilla 2d from the cab files and am loving the themes you are providing thanks. But the only problem is when using m2dc the themes change ok but the weather icons don't. The weather updates and works ok but the icons stay the same on every theme, whilst every other icon in the theme changes. Has anyone else found this?
  12. This rom is brilliant, only one minor thing is the finger mouse which I really miss. Is there no way to fix this with a cab? Hope there is a solution soon thanks for your ROM.
  13. Sorry yes here it is http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=0c081c3b90158adde62ea590dc5e5dbbe04e75f6e8ebb871 I updated the driver in device manager in your instructions and then eventually installed this additional driver. It took ages for the samsung drivers to install on my laptop, which required a reset. Then I tried granprix again and it got past the KW.KIM Create retry errors and completed. Was worried flashing using vista but after carefully following your brilliant guide I am now one happy happy omnia owner! Many thanks vennerr you are a LEGEND!
  14. I have successfully managed to flash using vista thank you to everyone here. I did everything described on the very first post and this was great until the phone install. Then I installed usb driver only : http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/download...elName=SGH-F480 and it completed through grand prix.
  15. thepeoplesclub

    Cooked ROM

    I have an unbranded uk orange phone running MSHG1. I would really like to update to a custom rom. I have only access to a vista laptop, can I update using my current firmware and using the vista solution posted on another thread? I am a ROM virgin noob so any replies would be of great help thanks. :(

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