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  1. Ok I installed the s3 rom cos I failed with the downgrading to stock as my iemi would not go to zero after many attempts, Any way I put in my t mobile sim ready with unlock code but it accepted my sim but when I first got the phone tried this and it asked for unlock code ! Weird ! I'm staying witht the s3 rom as I like it
  2. I've just got an unlock code however when I put a t mobile sim in and turn it on I get mu has stopped working pop up and won't go so I can't enter the unlock code ! I'm running the infusion rom so think this maybe the problem ??
  3. Got it working with the mobile website and mx player not as good as the app though :0(
  4. Must be the rom then cos neither works !
  5. Just got the tvcatchup app from the market and it plays sound for a few seconds then errors saying data connection lost and this is on wifi ! I,m on the infinity rom by the way so any suggestions ?
  6. HI guys I,m currently on the infusion rom and would like to go back to pauls gr2 rom is this possible ?
  7. just had a text off voda its coming tomorrow :)
  8. Ordered one from vodafone last Friday and phoned them this morning and its not even been despached yet ! Very poor service, wish I'd gone into a voda store now but then they would've charged a top up !
  9. To be fair I have googled this and its a hardware fault so if I get it back and its true I'll ring orange and get a replacement !
  10. So guys sold my skate on eBay it's unlocked running ice armor rom and the buyer says whatever sim card he puts in it it says insert sim ? It was fine when I sent it so could it be something simple ?
  11. Downloaded fresh gapps and still no wifi no market it says updating android after booting though then just the launcher ?
  12. It boots fine then I leave it for 5 minutes then back into recovery install gapps and reboot and nothing !No market no wifi ?Will try again later
  13. Been trying this all afternoon and it boots but no gapps tried several and no wifi So annoying What am I doing wrong as I followed the instructions to a tee ???
  14. Cool ! Stop moaning about battery life if it runs down then charge it !
  15. Ok I'm running skatie rom and wanted to have the orange gestures app which is built in to the orange launcher so I ripped that from stock rom installed fine and gestures working too. Now the problem is I can't add any widgets whatsoever to any screen except for orange ones! Very annoying Any ideas?
  16. Ok got the icons now how do you get them on ya phone please ?
  17. http://shop.orange.co.uk/mobile-phones/orange-monte-carlo Oh dear it seems since its been unlocked evryone wants one !
  18. My mate had same problem with vista Download windows 7 and whack it on ,problem solved !
  19. Just got this today and it's crap it needs cut outs for the power and volume buttons !By the way after you put the screen protector on I have 2 pieces left so it's either a really good screen protector cos I can't tell it's on or it's not on at all ?
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