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  1. mira amigo, yo tengo un SGH i321n desde hace mas de 1.5 años, y he perdido bastante tiempo en esa pregunta, solo para darme cuenta de que no es posible, lo unico que se puede hacer, (contodorespeto) es tirarlo a la basura, y comprarse otro, el SAMSUNG INSTINCT parece bueno, pero recomiendo que esperes a que salgan los smartphone o pocket pc con wm7 o que lleguen a latinoamerica saludos y si algun dia logras encontrar un wm6 para sgh i320n me lo haces saber de favor [email protected]
  2. its a great application, but the best of all, its free... more info in http://kuriel.es.tl for download soft/freeware.
  3. EXCELENT, CHECK THIS WEBPAGE: http://kuriel.es.tl or DOWNLOAD DIRECT LINK your smartphone as webcam 100% FREE
  4. hoooo, thanks, it was of great help!!!! one more time, thanks!!!
  5. what I did was delete files windows / messaging / and in the folder windows / messaging / attach not think that would pass something like that froze my smartphone, since it is pure and messages that. the clear and turn off when my smartphone no longer lit as to what normally only displayed the image of running and no longer progressing, I can not manipulate to reset completely smartphone, has nothing to reset button altogether ... that could be done?
  6. hello, recently changed files in the folder: / windows / messaging / and restart my device and turned it no longer wanted to turn or run well, in fact I can not do anything, the main picture is frozen and not to do, is connected to ActiveSync and I would like some help ... helpme please.... [email protected] http://kuriel.es.tl
  7. its real, vertical icons for smartphone, now your smartphone its a desktop, visit kuriel.es.tl, its necesary register to download the file... here a image:
  8. any one can tell me if exist a obex file explorer by bluetooth for smartphone? thanks and sorry for my english---
  9. Hola a todas las personas que hablan español, he cread0 una pagina que ayuda a toda la tecnologia movil como celulares y smartphones, ademas hay una pequeña sala de chat para interactuar en vivo y hay foro, muchas gracias. kuriel.es.tl
  10. i can help you, i speak basic english, i can build cab files, offcourse your file .exe, te voy a poner el archivo aki, a ver si te sirve, but, what folder do you want?, program files memory stick? o program files on the phone? well. kuriel.cab
  11. bueno, bueno, bueno, cambiando de tema, hay alguien aki ke sepa hacer programas para los smartphones? tengo todos los programas de www.smartphone-freeware.com y pues esos son muy limitados, kisiera aprender para hacer un emulador de gba smartphone. gracias. aparte, ps pasen unos wenos programas no?
  12. well... just do an smartphone emulator of gba... no se ingles... jeje...
  13. thank you 4 take atention, i try with gbace, with out results... maby my smartphone is an exception... :D sorry 4 my english... deverian hacer un emulador gba para smartphone, por que ningun proveedor de softwares pueden hacerlo?, si yo supiera hacer softwares de smartphones lo haria, gracias...
  14. thank you, but i have a smartphone, well...
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