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  1. kitchencop

    Touch screen issues on my one day old nexus7

    I have this issue with cm10 jr6 but not with stock rom.Some times I will touch the screen and it will just start freaking out as if I were just running my finger all over it
  2. Well its been great trip, thanks for all your hard work. Hope this crap blows over and you can continue your work on this. If not, oh well. The plight of the good devs continue. Thanks again pal
  3. Hey trip, great ROM as usual. My only issue is media does not play through Bluetooth. Phone calls go through no problem just seems like the a2dp isn't working correctly
  4. Hey Trip, Great Rom. just keeps getting better and better. and things will get better. its hard now but give it some time and you will be back to your old self. Thanks for the GREAT Rom.
  5. kitchencop

    HTC to sue Apple for patent infringement

    Yeah F**K YOU APPLE!!!! HTC for the WIN!!!!! I will never buy an Apple product . Glad to see HTC standing up to them

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