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  1. can anyone help me with the flashing of the LED notification please?
  2. It flashes continuously untill you clear the sms or missed call, the 5 minutes is unhighlighted so it cant be changed to something like 5 minutes if you get me. its a massive drain if left.
  3. Does anyone know if there is a way to "Untick" the box for "Flash light for 5 minutes" under notifications for sms reminders etc? when I leave my phone for a few hours without checking it I can return to a half battery just due to a missed call and one text.
  4. Im still getting poor battery life, activesynce always seams to appear in the running programmes despite stopping it all the time, not sure if that is eating into battery. i can only get about 10 hours out of a full charge.
  5. Every time I do something on my phone Activesync is is sat in the running programmes, im not running anything like push. only reset phone the other day so i cant think of anything that is using it.
  6. Bigbaker

    HSDPA on Orange

    Does anyone know a tweak on the registry to show the H all the time? I remember doing a tweak to me spv c600 to enable the E.
  7. Bigbaker

    HSDPA on Orange

    I have some great coverage of HSDPA on Orange on the Isle of Wight, is there anyway of knowing your on "H" without being connected? Like when you get G, E and 3G.
  8. Will this work with Tomtom7.45 on an orange diaomnd?
  9. Got mine yesterday, brilliant bit of kit. I went for the one with charger as battery life's not great.
  10. Ive downloaded dashwire on the diamond but its not in use as yet. free data not kick in for another 4 days.
  11. Hi, my new diamond keeps getting activesync as a program running despite running it. has any one any ideas how to stop this? Cheers in advance.
  12. Is anyone having battery life problems? mine has lasted from 730am today untill 6.30pm with not much use other than a few texts. not even any data use. is it worth sacrificing the thickness and going for the extended battery?
  13. Its there way in gaining back all the customers they have lost i suppose. not good tho when 3g iphone is due tomorrow.
  14. Just spoke with 2 Orange shops local to me, 1 has had there delivery but no Diamonds, the other shop there delivery hasnt turned up as yet, I will get a call either way if they get some or not. He is not sure if they will be handsets to upgrade to tho (sim dependant in the box).
  15. New to this so bare with me. I have a SPV E650 on Orange, everytime my phone goes out of signal (happens loads at work) the G kicks in when it comes back into network coverage. The only way of clearing this is to go into flight mode then back to normal mode again. Has anyone got any ideas for me please? Cheers in advance.
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