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  1. angelinalove

    Hot Omnia

    samsung phones are not better regarding battery. Such issue may be find in these phones. Nokia is only reliable and well known mobile phone for battery life.
  2. angelinalove

    games for the Omnia i900.

    I never tried but hope to be right on omnia.
  3. angelinalove

    New Xperia owner - firmware help pls

    I am looking for sim free xperia bringing all the latest fetaures and firmware to me.
  4. fabulous. icon make more handsome.
  5. angelinalove

    X1 with Tom Tom?

    No I am not using any gps on my xperia x1 but looking for any trusty brand.
  6. angelinalove

    New Smartphone - Which One

    At the moment nokia n96 is the best , smart and reliable phone in the market.
  7. great job dear I also saw omnia at http://www.blueunplugged.com/p.aspx?p=136890 Here this is about £371.02 I don't is it worth but looking very nice. I seem it is very expensive any opinion.
  8. I like samsung omnia but don't know pros and cons in detail pls guide me. Any help would be appreciable.
  9. angelinalove

    Jabra BT320 Stereo Bluetooth A2DP Headset only £9.95

    I am using jabra BT2040 with n73 which I bought from http://l8shop.net/products/Jabra_BT2040_Bl...th_Headset.aspx only about £8.46 The Jabra BT 2040 Bluetooth Headset is very convenient, affordable and never needs charging! This lightweight headset gives you more than 480 minutes of talk time and stays on standby for up to six months on just one battery! It also features automatic "sleep mode" and automatic pairing with my phone.
  10. what is the stand-by and talk time of thie battery .
  11. angelinalove

    eXpansys offers sub £100 Benq E72

    undoubtedly go for E72. It's fine.
  12. angelinalove

    SDHC support with Q9H?

    Yes it supports.
  13. angelinalove

    smartphone free webcam

    It's not working properly.
  14. angelinalove

    my omnia is dead

    great omnia very expensive. Is it worth to buy?
  15. angelinalove

    eXpansys offers sub £100 Benq E72

    However it ...it doesn't have 3G and certainly doesn't have HSDPA. not good to be taste.

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