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  1. Bohica

    Paul's been at it again ....

    Shheeeeesh...did you see that pile of waybills??? Hope DHL helped him out a bit or that coulda cost a chunk! Maybe I'll take mine with me to the CornMaze this year.
  2. FWIW Got my BJII last week and went for the TeleNav trial in the store. Have used TN extensively over last several days. Today downloaded GMaps CAB over GPRS and installed. GMaps works fine but I will keep tabs on it during our road trip. Did not specify COM port or baud rate. Have not installed the GPS activator but have enable ICS per the HoFo steps.
  3. Thanks! Glad to hear about WiFi but plz don't tell me thats the ant in the pic?!?!?! Are they dropping BT from the BJII or is it default?
  4. Bohica

    BlackJack II and CoPilot 7 problem

    :D Interesting....especially since the BJI is shown compatible too. Must be for external GPS?? Perhaps CPLive Smartphone 6 is a better fit?
  5. Just curiuous if after a year this is still the case as ATT has restructured its data/media plans. Any updates? Thanks!

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