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  1. :D It was rather simple in the end. Two words: Zone Alarm.
  2. Thanks for that. I have managed to sync the device at work (Win 2000, Outlook 2003) although it took an extremely long time, possibly the best part of an hour for a fairly simple calendar and a couple of hundred contacts. Re the password I have no idea what email account it could be referring to so cleared the default "username"entry and proceeded. It did not ask me for this again. However, I am now trying to sync my home PC (Win XP, Outlook 2007) and while it is connected, and the tray icon shows activity, there is nothing happening and there is no progress bar in the Activesync window, although it says it is synchronising. :D My PCs are pretty standard set-ups and I have not done anything to my new device, so I find it hard to believe that I'm the only one having sync problems.
  3. Hi all After a brief and rather painful dalliance with the HTC Touch Diamond, I changed to an i780 and so far I think I'm really pleased with it :o It's a much better practical device than the Touch Diamond. However, I am having one initial problem: Activesync. On my work PC, which uses Win 2000 believe it or not, all seems to be OK -plug it in, set up new partnership as usual, and away. [Edit: I may have spoken too soon. Sync is in progress but seems to be taking forever :D ] However, on my home PC (Win XP / outlook 2007) I set up a new partnership ok but then it asks me for my "incoming email password" and shows a page with username and password boxes. "username" is in the first box by default; the password is blank. This is despite the fact that I have only chosen to sync Calendar and Contacts. How do I resolve this? any advice very much appreciated :( Simon
  4. Just to update this for information, I hard reset the device. This proceeds OK until the first screen comes up, the alignment page. It takes forever to come up, and a click on the first position has no effect until some minutes later when it moves to the second position. And so on... until the startup process freezes entirely still on the alignment screen. It's a goner :D
  5. Yes. I then put it on charge and now the screen is intermittently responding, slowly and jerkily, to touch some of the time, but not well enough to make the phone usable. So does that mean it is a software / OS problem rather than the screen itself? I guess there is not a lot else for it but to hard reset? Could the above problem be related to dampness?
  6. Touch screen seems to have failed :D No response from the screen at all. Phone is locked and cannot be unlocked without the touch screen, as far as I know. Is my only option a hard reset? Help appreciated.
  7. I'm confused as to why the phone is now usually displaying "3G" rather than "H" as before for HSDPA. HSDPA was always enabled, now that I think about it - so what has changed to prevent "H" from displaying?
  8. Hi all Sorry for this very basic question. I have been playing around using the Advanced Config tools and PHM regedit to get my UK Touch Diamond all working as I want it. All is more or less getting there. However, one of the items I changed using Adv Config Data Connections has made a change, I think it must have been HSDPA enable /disable. Previously my network icons showed either an H or a G. Now it shows a 3G. Which is fastest or best and why did my phone not have this enabled in the first place?? This is on T-mobile. Am I best restoring the original setting as I was under the impression HSDPA was fastest. Or have I just totally misunderstood? :D
  9. I do believe that has sorted it out! :( Many thanks. Could have sworn I had user and wap in there before (put in manually) but I downloaded the "missing T-mobile" .cab and that must have put in other values. Cheers :D
  10. How do I "add a shortcut" to the startup list - I think what the dev thread is saying is that I need to do this to avoid having to run the Gsen manually each time I start up the phone? TBH I am scared to ask on the developers thread itself :D as I'll only get told to "read the readme file" or some such - in fact the read me file, and indeed the thread itself, does not explain how to do this in a way that a novice would understand. I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me some detail on exactly what needs to be put where.
  11. I have the Gsen working now, and the "mute on turning face down" which I could not get to work previously. It remains to be seen how useful these things are to me :D but I at least like to have the option. Yes, sensitivity to signal is poor for such a high spec phone. I still suspect that there is some kind of problem at the T-mobile end with data. Have not figured it out yet. My main current concern is that I am unable to get a Gmail email account to work, despite all the settings I can think of being correct. :( And in this day and age a phone should come with sufficient capacity to last a few days, whatever one is doing with it. I am not going down the route of a large battery as this completely negates one of my main plus points for this phone, a compact size and shape. I'd rather invest in an extra battery. The price being asked for the replacement back for the large battery is a joke considering the production costs of a simple piece of plastic.
  12. Hi all I am having real difficulties with this phone's internet access. I am fairly new to this so please make any advice fairly simple :D I am able to initiate an HSDPA connection. However, I am often unable to move from this to actually display web pages - sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. I often get a message: "Cannot connect with your current settings...". At other times it is fine. More specifically I seem to have lost the ability to access my Gmail via the email service. Is there some kind of problem at the T-mobile end??? Advice appreciated on how to describe / work through / resolve this. Generally I must say I am a little disappointed with this phone. I often cannot get things to work that other people seem to have no problem with - e.g the Gsen utility posted here will not work on my phone. The main reason I am disappointed is battery life - so poor that it really limits the phone's usefulness. I went for this phone as I needed something with WM for Outlook sync between work and home. I really wish I didn't need that as it would open up a range of much better phones.
  13. On my HTC P3300, Outlook contacts are listed by name. Thus, if a contact has more than one number, the name still only appears once, and to use alternative numbers for that contact I need to open the contact first. This is how I prefer it. On the Touch Diamond, contacts are listed by name but if they have more than one number / extension the name appears in the list for each one. And for the email address :D How do I fix this? Can this be not too technical please - I can edit the registry but I'm no expert.
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