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  1. Thanks for the one x advice. I've installed aokp build and now have wallet working :) Off to spend my $10 tomorrow
  2. International Tegra in the UK. Running cm10. I'd only just got it working on ICS and didn't get a chance to spend my $10 !
  3. Anyone tried installing on HTC one x running jelly bean ? For some reason the app just won't appear in the app draw. ( Installing using root explorer )
  4. I too am stuck at Adding Card.Tried so many times and it always fails. One thought , I'm not sure if I read that it sets up a vpn to do the card part, and my provider (virgin media) blocks vpn. ( mobile and wifi) Could this be it ? Any other reasons why it would fail?
  5. Rooted my 2 day old One X last night. Everything went well with wallet but it fails on the adding card part when I try to add Google payment card. It simply tells me to try again later. Tried on wifi and 3g. Running Android Revolution 7. Any ideas ?
  6. Anyone have any suggestions for hex editor I can use in Ubuntu. I finaly went windows-less last month....
  7. BY the way, I'm also about to upgrade my T-Mobile to a DHD. What kind of deal did they offer you ?
  8. Let me know how the upgrade and pricing goes. I'm due an upgrade as of Jan 14th from my Hero too. But as I work for a company that could get me the same phone on another provider got half line rental I'll probably wait until contract is up and either switch, or see if their retentions department will match it. I used a huge extended battery )300mAh) on my Hero for a while when I used it lots. And I've seen 1600mAh batteries for Desire HD that dont add any extra size to phone that would help if you are not happy with battery life. Anyone know if AOSP ( ie Bare ) Android gives better battery life on the HD that sense ?
  9. Hmm, so LG not so popular. But maybe this is the star of their big Android power phone push ? I'l wait until CES and see what is announced. I'm due upgrade in Jan so am happy to wait until feb, but if HTC delay any longer than that I dont know if I can hold out any longer :) I'd want 1080p recording and hdmi output at least.....
  10. Well, Ive been quite a fan of HTC too for last few years. But I got stuck with a Hero only a few months before the next generation of snapdragon phones came out, And once I get my next phone, I'll be stuck with it for 2 years. So that makes me inclined to get a Tegra2 handset. Although overkill for now, who knows in 1 year what we will need to run latest games/apps ? I guess I need to wait until CES in Jan to see what the different companies announce. If HTC will get a dualcore out quickly then I'll stick with them, as there is a great ROM scene for their phones. Not bothered about Sense though. I've been running vanilla Android for most of the last year or so. decisions, decisions....
  11. Hi Guys, Well, it's coming to that time again. Almost at the end of my 18 month contract and come January I'll be able to upgrade my phone from my trusty old HTC Hero. Now as whatever phone I get will be on a 2 year contract, I will want to make it a good one. So idealy one using Tegra2 chipset. So would you guys consider it worth getting the LG Optimus X2 ( Due out in Europe in feb I believe) Or should I wait longer (Hard to do with my willpower) nd get a HTC Dual Core phone ? Basically I guess, what are LG phones like for upgrades etc and what's the developer scene like for them ?
  12. Just don't expect much from the camera. It's pretty much the same one as I've had since the HTC HD, and now Hero. Not very impressive if you are not in good light. Having been using HTC for 3 years now, they seriously need to start improving the camera they ship phones with.
  13. It's good to have the upgrade to 2.1 confirmed. My wife's contract is up and she will be getting an X10. It was going to be either the Desire or the X10 and as soon as she saw video of the X10 she wanted it. The Camera was one of her main reasons, as well as the look of the device. And as I work for a Virgin company, I should be able to get half price line rental contract for her when Virgin Mobile release the phone in April ;) My poor little HTC Hero is going to look so puny in comparison :)
  14. Sounds like a brick I'm afraid. I did it to mine, and others have too. The instructions for flashing radios re not clear enough and don't point out that the flashing is going on when you see that graphic, you just have to leave it and wait. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. On the good side, mine was repaired under warranty by T-Mobile who simply replaced the mainboard and were non the wiser to the reasons for the fault ;-)
  15. Having flashed my phone dozens of times in the last 2 months I can confirm that the battery drain issue seems almost random. I've flashed the exact same 2.1 or 2.01 ROM at different times had different battery drain issues. Sometimes I'm sure it's been apps I've installed that have caused it, sometimes it's not wiping before flashing etc. We'll just have to patient and wait for official 2.1 ( Which I hope someone will do as AOSP) In the meantime, I've bought a 3000mAh battery. Yep, it adds weight and bulk. But it gives me the confidence to use my phone heavily all day with no chance of draining the battery. Dylan PS Thanks for all your hard work too on this for us, and in your fine example when it comes to soliciting donations. All the best to you.
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