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  1. thanks Davka. Just for Future reference, my testing is done in a b7610 with the following firmware: Pda: B7610nxxil2(Hybrid Rom) Csc: B7620xebik4 Phone: B7610xxil1
  2. ok Daskalos. Problems 3 ;) Calculator, Schedule, Unit converter, Smart Search and Media Player.. all this programs work great in portrait, but when you slide out the keyboard this apps aren't ready for landscape use. My take on this is that, in some of this apps when you slide out the keyboard the app doesn't know that it needs to rotate. probably some registry tweaking will solve most problems, or create a new ROM with this apps from b7610 latest. ;) ;)
  3. Another problem. -When making phone calls and if you move your phone away from your face, the flash will turn on and off. very annoying. probably is there some confusion between the light sensor and the camera flash.
  4. Daskalos, Thants a lot man. that worked just fine. Input settings are visible now. ;) I will keep testing.
  5. First of all, Thanks for your hard work daskalos. I installed this new Rom last night and i've been testing it. Problems/bugs/weird things... lol -Home screens dont work properly on landscape mode. -T9 settings are not visible or missing.(very important for me) -My wireless Mac address was FFFFFFFFFFFF. i change it because my wireless router was kicking me out all the time.(dont know if this a comum problem with all users) -There is a mix between old settings and the new settings screens. For ex: when you clic in the power icon on the large indicator or in the windows status bar you are sent to the older screen POWER. I searched for that screen in the new settings but its different now.( this is not a problem because everything works, its just funny..) Wants again daskalos, thanks a lot for your effort. I really like this rom, my only big problem is the t9.
  6. In my opinion, and seeing the minimal requirements for Windows Phone 7 Series: 4 points of touch capable Screen 512 ram 1 ghz Processor (Arm/Snapdragon) 5 mega pixel Camera Minimum Wvga 3.6 Screen at 16:10 racio Gps Bluetooth 3.0 I honestly think that Samsung will do just that with the exception of the processor, that probably will be made by Samsung themselves (They are paying a licence to Arm to use there technology in there chips), and camera that i think will be 8 Mp All that for the price of 700 Euros unlock
  7. I replaced my i900 with b7610... the screen sensitivity is fantastic and bigger... and bigger is better.. :-) Im very happy with it. It has a great Media player that support subtitles (.smi), nice camera, tons of apps, wvga screen resolution... The weight is the thing that you will notice first because it is much heavier than the i900... but besides that, it is a major improvement. And on my opinion, it has one of the best keyboards that a phone could have. but as Targon, I type more on screen than i do with the Keybord...
  8. Waiting for new ROM...lol Ready when you are...
  9. the picture is from a non official 6.5.1... Danji, i also found the samsung lockscreen exe. it is in the windows folder Regarding 6.5 lock screen.. well is nice but if someone could add the media player capability.. that would be perfect for me. One thing that i miss is the that screen when someone calls and we have some options like answer, send a quick sms and not answer. I'm having some problems changing theme... some times changes, some times don't some times wants for restart, some times doesn't. Some times changes the wallpaper for the theme and lock screen. some times changes the wallpaper and the lock screen changes to all blue... and some times doesn't change nothing...lol and some times i have to do a soft reset for the dammed thing to work... lol
  10. I confirm also that the picture quality and movie quality in the preview application from the camera is terrible. Specially with poor light conditions... looks like a 8 bit rendering.. lol But if i watch the movies or photos in the proper application on the phone or on the pc they looks ok.
  11. I have a problem with this 6.5 rom... well, i was messing around... installing software, changing backgrounds and all that, and i notice that the windows mobile 6.5 lock screen is displaying a blue wallpaper. i tried to find some options to customize it but i didn't find it. Is it possible so modify the the backgroud for the lock screen?
  12. I just instaled Secany rom. Working great.
  13. Probebly isnt needed... since the only update is to the PDA and CSC. By the way.. does include Portuguese language?
  14. I also have this phone I´m from Portugal and my rom version is PDA:B7610XXIH2 PHONE: B7610XXIH1 So... Knowing that Omnia pro has Multilanguage Rom, dose this mean that means that Samsung will release a ROM for everyone instead multiple roms for different languages and different country's?
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