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  1. anosis

    Vibrant / Captivate ROM compatibility

    Paul, don't know if the rom I installed originated from this forum or not, however it was referenced as being the source. Just in case there are any doubts here is the link : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=733755 I also posted my findings in that thread which I will add below. Hopefully this will help you or others with experince in this figure out why the phone calling would not work. Quoted from XDA thread:
  2. Here some that I use... Task Manager xScope Browser ICS Bot (Calendar import) Zillow [email protected] ShopSavvy (Barcode Scanner alternative) Movies
  3. Got the ATT Nexus One with one of the Rom upgrades. Is it still save to downgrade the radio or should I only perform this with the stock ROM (54B)?
  4. anosis

    Nexus one 3g on AT&T

    Reason being that T-Mobile teamed up with Google and ATT did not. So if you want to get the Nexus One for ATT it will be without ATT's support and thus the full price. I just switched camps from WM to Android, will be an interesting experience to catch up on all the hacks. HTC and Roms go very nicely on the WM phones, it so simple a caveman can do it. I am sure it's simple on Andriod as well.
  5. anosis

    Acer/Eten forum area?

    Well, I second stuzathegreat request. I just ordered the M900 and I would definately like to have a common place to ask questions or make contributions. I certainly understand that HTC for example has a huge following given the fact that you can cook your own roms, but I am sure the new Acer branded Etens might be worth persuing and there will be talented cooks out there that will be able to offer new Acer roms. Especially since the M900 for exmaple is 6.5 capable. Just my 2 cents.

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