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  1. Does anyone have a stock EURO update.zip (prefer JJ7) (possible own backup) that I might use to flash through the recovery console (ClockworkMod)? My product code is "KOR" (device bought in Thailand). In JM6, my Readers Hub > PressDisplay is completely unusable - cannot download issues. I need to downgrade to JJ7.
  2. These are all testing modes. I need configuration modes.
  3. If you know any or all of them, PLEASE list DIAGNOSIS CODES for the Omnia 7 here. I'm especially looking for/trying to remember the one for entering some sort of settings menu, where you can adjust - among other things - the behaviour of the screen backlighting control (dimming, default et.al.). Thank you sooo much!
  4. Any way of removing the boot sounds pack, if you're not satisfied with it? Thank you.
  5. I'm on the Modaco 2.3 ROM and I'm been having the exact same issue these past few days. Facebook problem? UPDATE: Apparently, it is just that. See this article: http://www.macworld.co.uk/digitallifestyle...mp;NewsID=27229
  6. Please update the link text in the first post (still reads "2.0..."). Thank you.
  7. Danish Custom Locale has missing translations and quite a lot of mistranslations. Is it possible to access the system custom locale text files and edit them? Thank you.
  8. I'm trying to update to the newest radio ( Doing this straight after having updated to Modaco Custom Hero ROM 1.1. After second boot, I've now been looking at the "Formatting CACHE:..." message on the CyanogenMod system recovery screen for 10 minutes... Is that normal?
  9. Your phone needs a few seconds to detect the USB connection. Wait 10-15 seconds (or so) after entering the CyanogenMod, before you enter the command. Then it works.
  10. Is it possible to remove the 'brand' boot screen from the phone? I have a T-Mobile G2 Touch phone, and after flashing the original image, it still displays 'G2 Touch T-Mobile" as the first screen when booting... would be nice to have that removed too.
  11. Again, the guide is not optimal (sorry...but it's unfortunately true) In blackhorse's case, the phone is not rooted, in which case you should go to Settings > Applications > Development and select 'USB Debugging'. Now, it is possible to access the recovery image on your phone's SD card through the command prompt on your PC. If your have trouble finding the ORIGINAL recovery image (as of now, from nandroid-Hero_HTC_WWE_1.76.405.6_WWE.zip) using the 'nandroid-mobile-sh -r' command in the command prompt, you should try using lowercase letters (e.g. 'original'). In my case, nothing was found, when I wrote the name in uppercase. Also, the guide doesn't mention that you should enter 'original' again and press Enter once prompted. Once you've done that, the flashing of the recovery image copied to the SD card will start. I would edit/update the guide as follows (from step #9): - On your PC type 'adb shell mount /sdcard' and press Enter. - On your PC type 'adb shell' and press Enter. - On your PC type 'nandroid-mobile.sh -r' and press Enter. - When prompted for an image name type 'original' (which is the name of the directory you put on your SD right?) and press Enter. - Once prompted, confirm the image name by entering 'original' again and then press Enter to accept the restore option. - Wait for the image restore process to complete. - Reboot. --- This is what should be displayed in your PC command prompt window: adb shell / # nandroid-mobile.sh -r nandroid-mobile.sh -r nandroid-mobile v2.1 Using G1 keyboard, enter a directory name substring and then <CR> to find matches or just <CR> to accept default: original original Using original string to search for matching backup directories Looking for the latest backup, will display other choices! Default backup is the latest: /sdcard/nandroid/HT*/original Other available backups are: Using G1 keyboard, enter a unique name substring to change it and <CR> or just <CR> to accept: original original Restore path: /sdcard/nandroid/HT*/original Verifying backup images... boot.img: OK cache.img: OK data.img: OK misc.img: OK recovery.img: OK system.img: OK Flashing boot... flashing boot from boot.img Flashing recovery... flashing recovery from recovery.img Erasing /data... Unpacking data image... end of image Erasing /system... Unpacking system image... end of image Restore done / #
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