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  1. HI Ya'll !!..it was a great time & a pleasure to be here on liquid forum..and all 'em dev's around here..been amazingly gud...i'm gonna miss thiz forum...but well its time to move on..i just got my nexus s...hope i'll def keep in touch..thanks to all dev's & users..who're making liquid community grow... Regards to Dario..Koud..the pasto..roggin..gnufabio..suxsem..truecolor..lensflare ..and other dev if i missed 'em name..thanks much Gud Luck!!! Peace :)
  2. @donatosq..it works fine..you need to follow proper flash procedure..it will def work..but anyway you can use this other patch im uploading...flash without wipe in malez recovery..& yeh don't wtf @me..appreciate it..thanks :) Link http://www.fileserve.com/file/9CAkp2a
  3. Don't use malez old app2sd method as the darktremor script is already in it..so just follow one post above you..i've updted app2sd ..just flash the rom ..the one i've posted .before flashing make sure you've made ext2 partiton..ext3 will also work..after flashing the rom..oh home screen go to a2sdgui..open it..and if it says app on sd in green you're good to go..you can transfer all your apps to sd through mange app in setting.... :) peace
  4. 1) MIUI esp 1.5.20 ver 2) CM7.1 old sensor koud 3) Froyo metal 4) cm 6.1.1 gnufab 5) liquidnext 1.2 6) t & L & fear vfit 7) stock
  5. @GNU...most of the things fixed in liquid rom's now..lil bugs..doesn't matter much..esp camcorder for 2.3 ..i think we should think of bringing on fm radio fix..as liquid already has broadcom radio chip integrated..what's your take GNU..all dev need to team up..now..and think of it B)
  6. Alrite Guys try this fix..and do tell me if a2sd works ? can anyone test asap..and yes wallpaper fc & liquid setting fc s fixed..after flashing with no sign check just check a2sdgui if it shows as app on sd highlited green. & yes for cam just flash no next song zip in the first post . :) http://www.fileserve.com/file/bgqRF5b If you find low volume in sound recorder & During a call..flash this without sign check http://www.fileserve.com/file/9CAkp2a For camera Fix ..which is also in the first post...flash with no sign check http://www.multiupload.com/MDF0WVZS12
  7. @ smithy I've fixed the app2sd in froyo metal 3.1 plus liquid setting getting fc issue & wallpaper fc..i'm uploading it..check it out in an hour. @.Dario..Please do check it if it's fine... :)
  8. I mean't Mic fix..the sd works outta box for me atleast without fix.but yes mic fix don't work for voice call very low.i even tried other ways to fix it..it works after boot same stufff..between i'm gonna fix it by t'row.i had actually fixed it in my miui & cm nightly version earlier...will try figure out the issue..Gud try torroroso ..thanks anyway.. ;)
  9. Yeh GNU i did try coupla times torroso's patch..it ain't work for me..don't know about others..no offense @torroso.. ;)
  10. @Zorg...I believe he mentioned he's angry.cause ur flaming as you're not using his patch..lol..hehe ;)
  11. @GNUFAB....everything looks perfect..SD mount works fine...the only issue as other posters earlier had mentioned about low incall volume..is def an issue.i did try some old audio lib s it works but after a boot its back to low volume issue.and yes also tried torroso's fix..but same.other then that i don't see any relevant issues as such..battery drain i guess is same as other cm's...so its all good..could be made better..but overall great rom ;)
  12. Sweet!!!...i'll flash 'em both & get back @ you..with feedback..thanks .. :P
  13. gnufab..i'm sorry i ain't follow you.."indifferent"??..2.1 looks like a patch flash of about 5 mb...so im guessing..should be installed over ver 2??
  14. @GNUFAB...Congratulation!! on a fully working ROM 6.1...the latest update 2.1 is a patch over ver..2 if so patch it over ver 2 or reboot & patch 2.1?? or is it a full wipe..im planning to test it.how it works. ;) ..im sure its def a great rom..Great Job again :P
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