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  1. use Microsoft's MyPhone - it allows you to backup SMS Dag
  2. For a while now the screen have been highly inaccurate and sometimes non responsive. I am unsure if this is hardware or if it could have something to do with the firmware on the phone. I have updated the phone regularly over the last year, and flashed it today with the JG5 ROM. At this point, I am not able to setup the phone since i am not able to get past the screen alignment. I do not recall what version of the EBOOT i have, but it has been updated during the last 12 months. Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone have a EBOOT part they know works well with JG5? regards dagb
  3. Issue with Bluetooth? for all the different roms i have tried, not until now have i had an issue with connecting the phone to my car's handsfree system. Does anyone else have issue with the bluetooth stack in this rom? the message i receive is someting like "incorrect code, or the connection could not be established" /dagb
  4. Thank you! A most excellent ROM and Post. The trend with packaging in themes has become a nuisance, since most all of them are buggy. With this one, you get a clean lite start, with the option to add the apps and the theme you prefer yourself. Great job!
  5. Just installed your ROM - thanks for the effort - works great. With regards to the language keyboards - is that the option to select different languages for T9? I was able to choose other languages a couple of ROM's back (KSTAN's I believe), but the last two (including yours), the "Input Method" on "System Settings" from Samsung's Settings does not work. I am sure many (if not most) are using english as the UI language, but it can be a pain in the a$$ to write email and sms in different languages - it basically means that T9 is useless unless you write english. dagb
  6. That sucks - others may pay attention to the error that was made - make sure you have good source files (verify size etc.) As for os, i have used win 7 x86 and 64 - just follow the directions posted in the forum - and you should be ok. Happy flashing!
  7. Pretty, but in the end, my main concern is efficiency of functionality. Did not see any mindblowing changes in that regard - meak in comparison to the upcoming winpho 7 (just my opinion)
  8. What are you comparing here? Full (bloated) JA5 vs this one, or a lite JB1 ? I notice a considerable slow down on this compared to the JA5 LITE, but would be relucant to speculate if the JB1 would be slower than JA5 if it goes on a diet.... With this ROM and a few minutes use, I have 33MB RAM free vs 60 on the LITE JA5 dagb
  9. Thanks KSTAN! Any ETA for a LITE version of this ROM ? dagb
  10. Tachchan, just tried your theme with the new build from KSTAN (JB1), and the theme does not render correctly on the Today screen. Could you tak a look at that? /dagb
  11. Read http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...4bit-windows-7/ /dagb
  12. Thanks for a great setup ;) - many I have tried looks great but have many bugs. This one seems to work great. One snag i just ran into is the following: When installing Windows Live from Marketplace, i got an additional Hotmail page on the Notification plugin named Hotmail1. ( I did have a hotmail account previously set up) This page is not only redundant, but does not work either. ( does not register new mails, and nothing happens when clicked ) The question therefore is: where does the Notification plugin look to find the accounts to list on the various pages? I have searched the file system and the registry for "Hotmail1", without finding it.... Dag
  13. Once 'Job done launched' displays you are safe to disconnect. At times i have found that this does not come up, but the phone update is completed. Once you see the main screen or 'Adjust time and date', the download has completed and it is safe to disconnect. cheers
  14. I have now followed the instructions for this setup including loading the i8000KC23090_Lite ROM Installed i order: - MortScript-4.2-PPC - JMLPanexV2.40 - Ibrithyll_WM7_Theme_6.9_2_by_Genix9_OMNIA_II_mod (soft reset follows) - JMLToday_contable_OMNIA_II_mod_RC100 (launched CHome Editor and enabled JMLToday as sole plugin) (ran the install from the home screen) (settings->JMLPanexForPlugin: JMLToday, Page 1) once this was done, the home screen *looked* right (with the exception of the weather not updating) If i click anywhere on the screen other than the soft menu, the wait cursor comes up for a few sec and goes away. After this, the phone becomes unresponsive. Thought it might be due to the missin SpeedDial and AppLauncher, so followed up with the install of those: - AppLauncher120_WM7_TICS - Speeddials220_WM7_TICS (Enabled in CHome) (JMLPanexForPlugin: Speeddials, Page 1 and AppLauncher, Page 1) now these two panels are also present, but again, the responsiveness is intolerable, and clicking anywhere does nothing. Is this a JMLPanex issue? A MortScript issue? Has anyone experienced this / have a resolution? I am about to give up on this project.... dag ;)
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