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  1. Beside the Streaks' screen being large it's also perfectly readable outside at direct sun (probably transreflective technology). It's the best screen of the similar size I have seen...
  2. If I buy a UK O2 SIM locked Streak will it work with Czech Republic O2 SIM card in Czech Republic?
  3. OT: Don't forget it's important to maximize number of black pixels on a OLED display. It saves battery and the display lasts longer. That's why Samsung use black theme with black backgrounds everywhere...
  4. Start regedit and go to HKLM > Control Panel > Stylus > 192 DPI. There is a key (I don't remember its name) with a list of values. The values are related to the slider found in Settings/System/Screen/Text Size. Either modify the list or delete the key entirely to get defaults = smaller text sizes (Like I did).
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