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  1. Great review. I own the watch as well and very happy with it. How do you feel about screen burn in, especially when using custom watchfaces like the one in the review? Do you think it can pose any danger in ambient mode, even with brightness very low?
  2. okay, i tried it on my sgs 2 with latest EKE1 firmware, with supercurios kernel for auto root. Installed APK, then ran install google talk, and it just displays the photo on my screen and 'installing Google Video Talk', but no reset or other messages... edit: it worked after i enabled USB debugging mode and tried again after factory reset..., in fact it's working perfectly on my SGS II, sound video both sides, even from or to PC...thanx Paul! Well done
  3. i tried again today, this time i took my work laptop, which i've never used before to flash anything for my LG2x. This time it went fine... so it's fixed! i still don't know what went wrong on my main PC. I did just the same. Maybe a driver conflict or something, don't know. I'll keep the files on my laptop, in case i'll need to flash again. I see that there is an update.zip now for reverting back to EXT3, so hopefully i never need to NVflash again :-) anyway, thanks for the tips!
  4. I downloaded from the link on the sticky thread, twice. Is There any other link? Maybe another fw then v10b? V10a for example....
  5. I'm afraid i'll need some assistance. My Dutch P990 was working fine with Pauls latest rom, baked with his kitchen. Filesystem was on EXT4. However, i decided to revert back to stock Rom. I couldn't find any instructions on how to revert back to EXT3 filesystem, so i was afraid to just flash an EXT3 rom over it. I know from my Galaxy s that you have to undo the lagfix before flashing a rom with stock kernel. So i decided to use the NVflash method described here on the forum to flash stock V10b back. I followed every instruction, my computer found an unknow device APX, and i succesfully installed the APX drivers. I hit flash.bat and then a command window opened and started to transfer all kinds of files to the phone. On my phones screen there was a message 'SW upgrading' then the CMD window closed and that was it. No auto reboot, nothing. It stayed forever on the the same screen, sw upgrading.... after a while i unplugged the usb cable, put my battery back in and tried to turn on my phone, but it doesn't do anything, no logo, no other screen, just black, like it's death. i already tried three times to flash it, but always ended up the same. i can't boot it anymore. Luckily windows still finds the apx device when i plug in the phone, so i can repeat the procedure. I even don't have to hold vol up and down keys, just plug it in without batt and it immediately sees an apx device... So i am in desperate need of help, i need my phone for work. I thought this NVflash method was the last rescue in case you mess up everything, but in my case this method messed up my phone. So...now what?
  6. help, i just tried this NVlash with version 10b, dos windows starts to flash and send all kinds of stuff to the phone, dos windows quit, device says soft upgrad, please wait but then nothing happens. It stays like this, even after dos windows closes. Whats happening? i'm afraid to disconnect it and brick it...it doesn't reboot or do anything. now what? I was on Pauls latest rom with EXT4 before the flash, something to do with EXT4? after a while i disconnected my phone, put battery back in but device doesn't boot anymore! not even a logo, only black screen. Tried this already three times, i'm afraid i bricked it somehow. NVflash keeps on working, so i can reflash it, but every time with same result!
  7. downloaded the 3 files from mediafire... i'm gettng crc errors when unzipping them with 7-zip, using correct password... anybody else getting this also? result is an .exe file, starts octans but gives an error on eboot part, so can't continue
  8. how about keeping the csc file from H9? isn't that the language part? or will i brick my device?
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