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  1. Hi jgtthd, just tap on start, that on lock (bottom left). From now on your phone lock will work again (and also opening e-mails from preview). Let me know...
  2. First of all let me say that my provider is H3G. The connection is always on and e-mail service is set on "push". I set outlook in order to download only the e-mails' header: - every time I receive a new mail I tap on the phrase "Get the rest of the message", then a message tells me that the rest of the mail will be downloaded on the next connection to the server, but, although I'm always connected (also with wi-fi), in push mode, it's impossible to see the rest of the message; I use to close the mail, tap on send/receive, but when I enter again the mail, again I find the phrase "Get the rest of the message"... - similar with attachments. Finally I found strange when replying to a mail, to find the signature at the bottom of the conversation (bottom of the first message!!!)!! Thanks in advance to the kind person who will solve those probs, otherwise I'm going to give the mobile back.
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