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  1. Hi all, I've not looked at phones for ages, and would appreciate any advice. I don't upgrade often. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", but it is now time to upgrade. The only problem is that my last two phones have been the last two versions of "Xperia Mini", and I've been holding out in vain for a refresh. Does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement? It seems that ALL the latest handsets are impractically huge.... (I run and hill walk a lot, so the Xperia Mini was ideal and best I've ever owned. I know that there are all sorts of arm bands and weather proof pouches out there, but the modern designs are just too big to wear with other kit. Ironically the Iphone now seems the smallest phone without going for a reduction in processing oomph and functionality from the mini. I really don't want to go to apple until they allow me to sync my music and photos via usb without Itunes.... or unless they make an ITunes for Linux. Until then I don't see the point in stepping back into the dark ages. Does anyone have suggestions for an ultra small phone with decent power, up to date OS, and gives me good usb/wifi connectivity to my computers or network shares like my old Xperia does with android? Is the age of the small phone gone? Thanks Tom
  2. I tried it too! Very slow in loading!! When I spotted that the address bar was just off the top of my Touch HD screen I could scroll it down, But then no keyboard meant that I couldn't browse anywhere! All I got was the 'checkerboard' background on the screen. I tried a re-install, and found that second time around it told me that the software was meant for an older version of windows. I'm sure it didn't say that first time I installed it, but it was very early this morning. I wonder how soon before we se a WM6.1 version. BTW: This is the first time I've posted in ages, and the forum interface looks really great!
  3. I'm waiting a few weeks to see if the staff can work out what was wrong... maybe it was just that unit... maybe it just needs time for the staff to 'get the hang off it'.... In any event, I said I'd go back in a couple of weeks... (Assuming they still have stock)... Meanwhile I'm waiting to see a demo when it arrives on T-Mobile or even what the "Handset only" + "Unlock" price turns out to be on Vodafone... Perhaps it was the customisation? Perhaps it beds down after 10 minutes? After all the unit was fresh out of the box... so perhaps on its first run, it had LOTS of background processes running??? In the meantime I got my account transferred onto the Dolphin35 on my current 2G handset... No Contract.... just a plain Tariff change... and with my handset unlocked... it gives me option to move... Believe me, I'm an HTC fanboy, I was like a big kid in the sweet shop as the unit was unboxed.... I wanted to believe that that dinky little feature packed unit would be christmas come early... I still want to believe... but after the demo it seriously makes me feel like buying an unbranded/untainted handset.... but without a live demo, and after what is possibly an unlucky experiance, parting with c£400 is daunting. Any advice from people with Orange Diamonds would be appreciated. Does your UI just whizz along... do your icons flow gracefully as you run your thumb across the bottom of the screen? Do your scrollbars scroll or stutter? Also.... What are peoples perceptions of the best network in terms of customer service, deals, and coverage? I like orange, but here good things about T-mobile, and I here nothing about what people think of Vodafone! BTW I think that this site is great!! But as a little suggestion, could there be a little graph widget that shows the result of a monthly vote on "How Happy I am with my provider", and "Most popular Tarrif"... I think that it would be a useful tool to spot trends and help the Modaco Guys get their questions answered when they say to providers.... "Our 400,000 members have came to an opinion that you need to do something about....?" ps. In the cold light of day I can't believe that I was thinking of iphone with its vendor lockin.... (Can we start a 'Help Group' thread for people making such comments... perhaps a local forum member could meet them and slap sense into them? ) pps. I apologise for the earlier negative rant, its just standing waiting in the rain for a bus left time for the mind to ponder life's great questions... like... . "when they designed the diamonds case, did they literally cut corners?" :D . I promise to lighten up, :(
  4. Wish this, (my first post) could be a positive one. I've just been to my local orange store to get 'hands on' with the diamond. (Been waiting 6 months out of contract for this rumoured phone.) First the Handset. ----------------------- The good news is that they are in stock, they (Glasgow) even said that they got a LARGE delivery. The bad news is that the GUI is so slow and soooo jerky that it is COMPLETELY unusable. The icons at the bottom of the screen jump about, it is never intuitive as to where you should start a drag, nor which direction to drag in. In short both myself and the friendly sales assistant spent more time closing unwanted windows than gliding through the UI. I'm not sure whether its the software or the sensitivity of the touch screen, but it is just a huge disappointment. Other bad points include the fact that Orange went for the wobble mode diamond back, (Unlike T-mobiles flat back), and with the lack of SDHC card it just falls just short in every department. From being an HTC fan, I've came to the conclusion that Apple do 'sexy' and HTC have always been about function.... This halfway house is a bad lesson in compromise. THE TARRIF -------------- Looking at the Orange website, I thought GREAT..... Dolphin 35 for £30, and 'unlimited' data at last. The only snag is that unlimited data is ONLY available on 18 month contracts.... When I called Orange to point out that as a 'stop gap', there is no way I'd be waiting 18 months for an upgrade, there was no compromise with their retention department..... .....they did offer me a free diamond on 18 months @ £25per month without the unlimited texts .... or a free diamond on 12 month @ £33per month (600m) & (500t) option without unlimited data (its £7.50 extra for 250Mb). Even offering to pay more for a handset to offset the costs was a no-go for them.... they just didn't get the point that in my case, 18 months with a Diamond? You couldn't give it away! ------------- Ah well, my humble conclusions are 1) if you can find a handset that will keep you happy for 18 months then Dolphin35 is great! 2) the diamonds trapezoidal box shape would make excellent door wedge. 3) & I hate myself for saying it..... iphone 3g is likely to be out before HTC can develop a reputation saving device!

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