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  1. I have a C500 and a Sony Ericsson HBM-30 Bluetooth MP3 Player. On my old phone the HBM30 paired ok with it and then when a call came in the phone would transfer the call to the mp3 player and pause the music. I could then press the answer key on the mp3 player and talk to the person via that - so never having to touch the phone. The music would auto stop on connection of the call and then restart when i hung up. Now with the c500 none of this happens - the pairing is fine if i do it manually each time and i get a little headset logo appear on the front screen but calls still ring on the phone and wont patch through any ideas on how to solve this - or if it is solveable Plus i have to do the pairing manually - again on the old phone when i switched the mp3 player on the phone beeped and recognised the player and auto set itself to headset mode. The c500 doesnt auto recognise the player - i have to do it manually. Its probably all settings that i havent got right but some help would be great cheers
  2. You are quite right - I got it wrong - In fact when a call comes through whilst listening to music through beta player it seemed to route it via the speaker on the phone and not the headphones. I'll have to go back to media Player and jsut make do with having to restart the music each time a call comes in - Pain but i cant find a solution to the problem
  3. Hi - thanks for the info - I have tried betaplayer but it still cuts the music off and doesnt restart once the call is over. I start the player and then lock the phone back at the home screen. When the call comes in and i finish it the screen is displaying the callers details with "view calendar" etc.. shown.
  4. I listen to music on my E200 and receive calls no problems - the phone cuts the music off and i answer the call. When i hang up the call it would be great if the music would restart like it does on most Nokia MP3 phones. Its a pian to have to go and restart the player Is this a known issue or have i got settings wrong or am I just doing something wrong. Its a real pain cheers Jim
  5. Just gone into the Orange Setup link you included but when going throuugh to setup email it doesnt list the E200 in the dropdown selection - SPv and SPV E 100 are there but no SPV E200 Can I Just use the SPV/SPV E100 from the list or will that screw things up on my phone thanks
  6. Great - thanks for the info - you think they'd put an addendum note in with new phones to let people know certain things have been cancelled etc.. thanks anyway
  7. Hi I have recently had an E200 and when going through the Orange manual I saw the Email section and wanted to set up so I can get my emails when away from the office/home. I clicked on Start and went to Orange and looked for EmailWiz but it aint there. Am i Missing something Do i need to speak to Orange or is the manual i'm readin a Generic one for all SPV's and not specific to the E200. How can i get email on my SPV - thanks Jim
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