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  1. Now that u mention it, when i got the phone from the technician guy and tried to charge it, the battery was getting hot. Do u think there might be a short in the phone? If there was, how can i know for sure or test it?
  2. Here's the thing, a few months ago i started having a hard time charging my mpx220, long story short, the problem was that the pins from the charging center were not well soldered to the main plate (or whatever it's called u get me, right?). I took my cell to a technician to fix the problem and he did, thing is i can't get my phone to turn on, i charged the battery to 100% with a universal charger and tried to turn it on, nothing happened. When i plug the charger screens don't turn on. I tried to do a master reset and nothing happened either. Since my computer can detect it (without the battery and SIM card) now that the pin problem is fixed, i did a ROM upgrade. It was correctly done but when i put the battery on (after inserting the SIM card) both screens turn on, and the internal one says "Master reset !" on the top and "Formating ..." on the bottom for about 4 seconds and then it turns off again and nothing will make it start. The technician told me the flex wire is intact and all the conections are well made. So i guess it should be a software issue but, how can i solve this? Please guys help me, i don't wanna give up on this awesome phone. Thanks
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