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    MoDaCo Custom r6 discussion archive

    Total newbie here. Apologies for my ignorance. I've just got a Vega come through the door. I turned it on, had a little play, and then decided i needed to 'fix' it with Paul's magic. Now i joined adfree, went to the kitchen, baked my rom, extracted it to a folder. Made sure i'm in USB debugging mode, connected the device to the laptop. I'm getting a message that Nvidia Harmony driver can't install. but i tried to continue anyway, going to cmd and punching in the command to install. Am i missing something in my process, because i don't seem to be getting anywhere with it. I'm running Vista 32 bit OS and the Vega is 1.08. Help?!? ;)
  2. nigzsingh

    Bargainous bargains: 3G dongles - unlimited data for a fiver!

    Where can I find out about this £5 plan?? I've just been on 3's website and can't see a glimmer of an offer as enticing as that.
  3. nigzsingh

    ROM Flashing

    What/Where is this 2577 directory?
  4. nigzsingh

    ROM Flashing

    Sorry my friend, you are correct, there i no need to re-install, its still there, installed in internal storage. How do i add a shortcut to it in programs?
  5. nigzsingh

    ROM Flashing

    But, like i was saying, i can't find the installation. I have the data files on my Internal Storage, but the actual program isn't there. Unless you have any ideas where i can install from?
  6. nigzsingh

    ROM Flashing

    I've changed my ROM, now using SwiftBL Diamond v5.6 Fulland i've found it to be a lot better, more stable, quicker, battery's improved too. But the OTA ActiveSync problem is still there. I've noticed the YouTube app doesn't work either, but if i go to YouTube in Opera, it works in Streaming Media. Also, being a dunce, i forgot to deactivate my Co-Pilot. But i can't find the program now, so i think i may need to call ALK :D
  7. nigzsingh

    ROM Flashing

    Cheers, i'll give it a go. The error i'm getting is 'ActiveSync cannot reach the server. Check that the server address and proxy server settings are correct.' With support code 0x80072F78, but searching for that code on google, just seems like a generic one.
  8. nigzsingh

    ROM Flashing

    Ok, I did all as i should have, flashed the TLR ROM following the guides n all, but i now have a problem. Well, a few. Firstly, the devices isn't faster by much, if at all. In the ActiveSync doesn't seem to want to update over the air, not connecting to the server. I'm using the same settings as previously when i had the original T-mobile ROM. It syncs when connected to the PC by USB, so :S And finally, more of an annoyance than anything, in the full programs list in TF3D, it has multiple entries for the Office programs, Messaging and a few others. ...help...?
  9. nigzsingh

    ROM Flashing

    Reading through the helpfile on ActiveSync, it says you can only backup on devices running 2003 and earlier. Is there another way?
  10. nigzsingh

    ROM Flashing

    Thanks. Well, it came on my MDA C4, so I am assuming that it is on the Internal Storage. There is a folder there for Co-Pilot. I suppose this applies to all software installed on the Internal Storage, would it all need to be installed again, because as far i am aware, the re-flash doesn't touch the Internal Storage
  11. nigzsingh

    ROM Flashing

    I'm a newbie when it comes to flashing ROM's etc., so I just wanted to know, where i stand with applications like Co-Pilot. I want to flash the TLR 3 ROM, but will i lose my Co-Pilot install and if i do, where can i get it again, as I just bought the product key, not any CD's. If anyone know's where there's a guide about ROM flashing, and tweaking, that would be appreciated too :D
  12. Newbie with regards to Windows Mobile. I want to get Messenger on my device. If someone has a link or some advice as to how to go about it, would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I'm a bit of a Newbie to all this, how can it be fixed??
  14. Mine has arrived, on charge now. And there is a pouch with it. Must say, it feels nice in the hand. But it dosn't have Live Messenger on it.
  15. It is, but the back casing would be different, so i'd need a larger mda casing as opposed to the the diamond one. i wasn't toldabout the £40 one off payment to keep free evening and weekends. Might give T a call again. Also, could someone give a definitive answer on the RAM, I'm now in two minds over the device. I suppose i'll make good use of the 7 day cooling off period.

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