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  1. That explains it. Thank you
  2. That fixed it! Is it a reoccurring problem? Many thanks!
  3. I've googled and looked through the forum with no other reports of this issue, so let's see if I'm the first to find this. When I put my Hudl into standby there are horizontal (with the device landscape) lines which flash up before the screen turns off fully. They flash up too quickly to count but I'd say there's 8. They appear again when I turn it on, but there are more of them. To me it looks like an issue with the graphics or LCD, but it might be software related I guess. Has anybody else seen this?
  4. Thanks, so I need to flash the stock retail and then OTA? I've just uninstalled XPosed and superuser but still no joy using the default method. I'm regretting ever rooting it now :unsure:
  5. My Tesco 16Gb with the UK retail just got the update. Downloads fine and then reboots. Starts to install until it says error and reboots back to 4.3. Do I need to unlock the boot loader or remove the root on the phone? I'd rather not load a ROM on and lose all my data.
  6. I've got a Tesco 16Gb, unlocked via the Motorola site with the stock ROM and can't install APKs from dropbox or from the SD Card using Astro (Parse Error) but can via adb. I don't really want to hard reset, but may have to just to test it
  7. Thanks Paul. Installed this as soon as I had ICS on my Desire. Am I the only one receiving a notification of a new update before it's in the timeline though?
  8. I'm not getting any code in my email. Just a blank space
  9. Anybody else had problems adding new words? Mine hung twice. Seems fine now though. I have to say I'm not incredibly impressed with this new ROM. I can't see any performance increase and I've lost the animations Radio version is the same as Neil said.
  10. I've only just run this update. First thing I noticed it that they've removed the animation! The x doesn't have a box around it any more either. Scrolling through texts doesn't seem as fluid now. This may be a placebo effect, but I think that the radio is slightly improved. Parts of my desk get signal where they didn't before, although it's still 2 bars in its usual location. I do need to go through the tweak I did before though to see what else has changed. I'm hoping the screen stays on for a bit longer in calls
  11. :whs: However I managed to get the worst day of battery ever yesterday. My new job is in a place with really poor signal and with hardly any useage it lasted a day. So searching for signal as somebody mentioned really does use loads of bettery power
  12. oh, album by album. I thought that's what you didn't want. Sorry, in that case I don't know
  13. I do it. I like my music shuffled and the diamond lists things in order by title rather than artist so it's an added bonus.
  14. As we're resurrecting I might as well chip in. I prefer the diamond to the compact 4. I don't tend to rock my phone when it's on the desk so the back has never bothered me :D I saw a phone the other day turned upside down that I thought was a compact IV, but was a SE. I wouldn't want my phone to look like a symbian phone! /snobbery
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