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  1. Well.... I must say I can't say enough BAD things about the T-Mob service. They repaired the phone, then sent it to someone in Cheltenham (I live in Newcastle so that's no good!!!) After complaining.... they sent me a new Vario III :angry: So I shouldn't complain :D Until after a couple of days waiting.... I phone up to find out what's happening... And found they've sent it to Ellesmere Port!!!! And they can't send out a new one because it's "an unusual situation"... I talk to their manager, who can't authorise sending out a new one until they've investigated.... "***k the investigation, you guys ****ed up, not me, I need a phone for my holiday (flying out Friday 1st thing). "I'll have to talk to operations manager" "I'll talk to him if you like...." In the end, they're sending me a new Vario III that "should" be here before I leave!!! Fingers crossed <_< My contract is up for renewal in a couple of weeks time :( We'll see what happens then.
  2. I'd like to tell you how happy I am with my returned phone... I'd like to... But the bloody Post Office have lost it :D Apparently someone signed for it... (funny the missus was in ALL day) but they can't provide a signature :D Now at least I get to report how good T-Mobs claims process is!
  3. Thanks Andy, you were right. I've even got it in writing and so will be posting it off tomorrow :D
  4. Yup, I wanted a phone with MSN (I work away from home a lot and use it to MSN my kiddies). This was one of the few phones on offer that had MSN loaded up. Prior to this I used a phone as a phone and text machine only, the II opened up my horizons.
  5. 15 months into an 18 month contranct. Didn't bother with the insurance coz I've never had a phone fail in under 18 months before :s Will try it on with T-Mobile to bring forward upgrading my contract :D
  6. OK guys, I can appreciate non of you having the same problems, but is the consensus that the phone is f***ed? If so I'll have a look on good old ebay? Is that the best place to get one? Thanks
  7. Having problems with my Vario II and a google search bought me to this excellent forum. I've searched through the forum and found loads of things I can do with the phone, if I can get it to work again. Shame really because I love my little MDA. It all started a couple of months back with some of the keyboard keys becoming a little lazy. That I can live with as I can use the onscreen keyboard. Last week it started a new game. While it's on full charge, it's OK. Once it drops to three and a half bars it starts it's own little game of rebooting at increasing frequencies as the battery gets lower. At this point, you can't turn it on or off using the on off button, well you can try but that's a different game with it's own rules. I bought a new battery.... Same problem. I phoned T-Mob... they suggested downloading windows 6... which i did and there's no difference. I tried the hard reset.... Nothing :D I took it into the T-Mob shop. They said, nah, the hard reset doesn't work, you have to do it online???? But couldn't explain where or how. I've tried the "cleansing your memory" option mentioned in one of the other threads. No difference. And the final straw started yesterday with the phone now starting to refuse to acknowledge my sim card. Frustrated doesn't even come close. If anyone could help me I'd be eternally grateful. I'm currently having to use my old Ericsson (not even a Sony), the Lara Croft model :s
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