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  1. Hi KonstaT Thank you for the ROM. The small issue i noticed is about streaming audio over bluetooth. On CM7 when i stream audio to my car stereo it displays the mp3 tag info like artist name and song title on the stereo screen. With this ROM it plays songs just fine but the info on the stereo display is always "Unknown" for both artist and song title. In the beginning i thought it was because of the Appollo music app but after some research it seams it has to do with the version os the BT protocol for streaming audio. Is it possible to fix?
  2. Hi targetbsp. i flashed your latest 30may but it doesn't have Roboto font. Can you tell me what have you included apart from the stock nightly? thanks.
  3. do we need to wipe anything? because i flashed this and didn't noticed any difference... using Etymotic earphones.
  4. well i think i have the opposite problem.. my phone always sleeps. ok. i want the wifi to never disconnect even with the phone sleeping but it always disconnects after a period of time. even if i set to "never" in advanced wifi settings... is this normal?
  5. please do it. porting dolby to CM7 is the missing star to make CM7 the perfect rom for Blade.
  6. Friend, i don't know why but after flashing your zip i get the android splash.. nothing more...
  7. i think you should focus on getting Dolby to fully work on the Blade. wbaw once had a rom with that and the sound quality and detail were really improved BUT bluetooth didn't work on that rom.. :( the rom was from zte monte carlo. here it is: http://android.modaco.com/topic/345167-romgen2zte-234-monte-carlo-stir-fry/page__hl__monte+carlo if you get Dolby on CM7 you are my hero..
  8. Hi! I had the same issue a few days ago. Even though my sd-ext is in ext3 i was not able to backup it in CWM. The only way to solve this was to mount sd-ext in CWM before doing a backup. it worked for me. cheers.
  9. i flashed but didn't really noticed any difference. can this have some kind of ON/OFF button?
  10. Friend, couldn't find google framework... please help. EDIT: got it! didn't found it because my phone was in Portuguese. changed language to English, rebooted and there it was the framework ;). thanks
  11. 1.Solved... 2.Solved... 3.It doesn't work because you have to turn mobile data ON for MMS to work. It's a "feature" on CM7.. it sucks.. i know.. WTF?!?!?!?!!?
  12. @sej7278 How do you have you calendar tasks showing in your lockscreen?? In CM settings i enabled it for the lock screen but nothing appears... :( @world Also, the is a bit confusing having all this KANGs out there but not having the changes or differences between them. I've been reading all the posts and i don't know if 31janKang has undervolt or not... i have update-cm-7.2.0-RC0-Blade-KANG-26jan-signed and now i don't know if it also has UV or not.. someone enlight me please. thanks.
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