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  1. No it's not they changed it before Christmas - http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/broadband/3637...ted-mobile-data Three are now unlimited with no FUP and allowed to tether.
  2. Just spoke with t-mobile retentions asking what the best they could do for me was, got some interesting prices for voice & txt. Said I was interested in Three for their data tariff that was unlimited & they started telling me that it wasn't "unlimited" and that it would have fair usage! seemed a bit cheeky given this recent move...!
  3. Just rang t-mobile to check my usage for the last few months. They cant find it anywhere in the billing system. I've been told to check my "unbilled" usage just before my billing date. :D Not great if I cant see how my usage has been over the last few months to get an idea of where I stand.
  4. Three's one plan is Unlimited unlimited, i.e no cap, no fup, can be tethered etc... Looking quite good atm, shame its three though
  5. So three removes their "fair usage" and caps while T-Mobile reduce them to 500mb... Also - "T-Mobile is the only operator to give customers the Mobile Internet for a fixed-price" - Err not sure thats correct! Anyway i want the full internet, not mobile internet whatever that is :D I was just about to ring t-mobile to renew my contract & see about price matching Three. Might be worth just talking direct to three!
  6. Its also the Yahoo search from pocket IE - that's the bit that annoys me most of all Incidentally I got mine unlocked by sending the IMIE to O2 via a friends account. Got 3 replies saying they couldn't unlock it as the phone wasn't valid but then the 4th worked. I think it depends who answers the query at the other end.
  7. Hi Paul, Any info on how the OneNote integration works: Does it only sync to one notebook? Can you choose to open other notebooks as well? with the "open notebook" can you see all sections and notes, or just stuff in the root?
  8. Hi, It works fine on mine with TT7. I've disabled the HTC keyboard handler and am just using a standard hardware driver (cant remember specifically what i changed but it was just a registry setting found on another forum). It disabled the stupid word complete and auto-fill stuff as well, the only downside is the £ and Euro symbols dont work.
  9. I hope they get some large screen device support going on soon... Edit after watching vid: Auto upload phone to public albums! bet theres gonna be a few "private" pics being uploaded by mistake as this rolls out ;)
  10. well I hope they shift them soon... I ran retentions today and asked if they had a release because I was looking at vodafone. They said they did not have any plans to release the phone at this time (although i asked about the "Touch pro" instead of the "Vario IV") Its really frustrating that its so freely available in Germany and other EU countries but they seem to drag their heals here.
  11. To set up an account I just went through the questions with a guy in the shop (in the pcwb corner) there's nothing to it really. I'm a registered sole trader but they didn't need anything official to say I was a business, just my say so!
  12. Thats a good price! But ... For those that are considering an MSI Wind (Advent 4211) if you have a pcworld business account you can order in store and they will price match the pcwb website (http://www.pcwb.com/catalogue/item/ADVNB027). This means you get a wind for £219 (inc vat) you cant complain about that for that for the amount machine your getting :D I got mine last week and its awesome.
  13. From what I understand there will not be any benefit for most people with these drivers yet, they only affect OpenGL rendering engines however it is a very good step in the right direction and the ultimate goal is to have 2d acceleration (main windows use etc...).
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