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  1. I live in HK and the Touch service center close at 8:00pm. They offer 4 hours express service so if you can bring your phone in before 4:00pm you can get the phone back at the same day. not sure if they offer service for oversea customers by shipping? I can call them to ask for details if you need. :roll:
  2. Yes, evann is right, actually it is not really no service, its just bad contact of SIM card. The earlier batch of motherboard is having this problem, you may put a piece of paper between the SIM and battery, this will help solving the problem.
  3. Here are the details of my phone after update. CE Version: R41n HK MicroP Version: R16 RF Firmware Version: R4.0.4 MBE44216-01P2 The version is shown on the first line, which is version 'n' for HK. Don't know what the RF firmware is for, not sure about this one.
  4. I sent in my phone for service this afternoon, they replaced me a new motherboard and loaded firmware version R41n HK on it. All the SIM card detection problems, network no service problems, lost sound during phone call problems (suddently they can't hear you) were gone. ^_^ I recommend everybody should get this update if possible. :wink:
  5. actually the secret code will only give you 30 lives. not 100.
  6. Pico Drive works perfectly after signing. 8) It is a SEGA Genisus emulator. http://www.gamesforsmartphones.co.uk/picodrive.shtml hope someone can update the Pocket SNES code to make it compatible with smartphone 2003.
  7. Huge THANKS to picard and schriss for making this possible, now you two are my heros! :D :D :lol: :D 8) :wink: and everybody don't forget to try out the new BetaPlayer! It rocks!
  8. I saw it on a chinese newsgroup, good work skyline_gtr! hope you can make a more detailed guide on how to spray nicely, beside of the phone I wish I could play with this skill on a little more, like my xbox, ps2, GBASP and computer cases etc :D :D :lol:
  9. Hi bishop, Referring to this Mio page (in chinese) http://mio.midp.com.tw/bbs_temp.asp It points out that if you hear high pitch when charge then the power adapter is faulty please contact the service center to replace a new power adapter. If you have a 5V 1A+ power adapter on hand you could try that on your phone to see if the problem goes away then your original power adapter could be faulty. 5V adapter with current greater then 1A are easy to find, e.g. adapter from my old iPaq 3630, Toshiba 550G, Kodak camera etc, all you need is a little DIY that put the corret plug on it to sult your phone use. good luck.
  10. Opps...! betaplayer 0.03 just released! :D :D :lol: Yeah, no more backlight turning off after 90 seconds problems! Get it here: http://beta.topcat.hu/download.html
  11. Hi Chris, Thanks for the sharing of your experience. Just downloaded the 3ivx and did some encoding test and comparsion. I used a fast moving anime as source and found that the default QP3 gave me a suprisingly big file size (8Mb/Min!), after a few try I think the QP6=80% suit my need most as the quality is still very good with a file size that similar to the XviD file that I originally encoded. For the frame dropping issue, I didn't see the noticeable drop you said eariler. but anyway I did a comparsion between 3ivx and Xvid, with the same video content and a very close output file size, the performance between two are close enough that you can't really tell which one works better. (based on after playing a video file for a while, select File->Media Info for the Frame played and Frame Dropped information) But there are some serious issues on the XviD codec that if an object is moving slowly across the screen for a while, you will notice some ghost image or screen tears off problems. 3ivx does not seems to have this kind of problem so we have a winner here! I will try it with a few more type of video source to see how well it works. (dvd rips, tv rips, low movement anime etc) Thanks! :)
  12. Input the following from the home screen: *#83908390# This will brings you the following screen: CE Version: R41fHK MicroP Version: R16 RF firmware Version: R4.04 MBE42057-01 P2 Read the first line: R41fHK indicate that my phone version is 41f, HK version. The known latest version of the HK ROM should be 41j (reported last month by some users on various HK chinese newsgroup) The HK distributor is now offering a free ROM updates to 41j but you need to bring your phone to their service center. According to what they told me the new firmware should fix some of the satiability problem of the phone such as "No Network", "I hear what you say but you can't hear me at sudden", "Sound distortion in communication” and some of the system freezes problems. The HK distributor - Touch http://www.bpi.com.hk/touchnew/index.asp (No, they are not going to make a online downloadable release of the ROM update. For all of you oversea users I suggest you to contact your local dealer or keep asking the Mio at http://www.justmio.com) I will go there and update my phone in this week or next. Will keep you guys posted!
  13. A quick note to everyone trying to encode video for the 8390. The display unit resolution of the phone is 220x176. If you want your video fill in the whole screen then open up the resize filter in VirtualDubMod and set the new video resolution to 220x176. In case if you want to keep the aspect ratio of the video you should always keep the width = 220, and use a smaller number for the height. (e.g. 168, 160, 152, 144 etc) If your source video contains black bars on top, bottom, left or right hand side of the screen you should make use of the "Chopping" option after applying the new resolution. For video settings, personally I prefer to use the Xvid codec with the 1PassVBR -Quality option, the quality switch could be something between 75-95, the higher number gives a better quality of video but bigger file size. I suggest starts trying things from Q=85, it usually ends up with about 1.5Mb/Min video so you could store up to 3 hours of movie on a 256Mb SD card. For audio options, yes this phone is powerful enough to handle 48000Hz Stereo VBR MP3 with 24FPS video. But if your have choosen to use VBR on both video and audio you might experience a noticeable (or maybe unnoticeable ;-) frame drops on fast moving scenes. Its reaching the 200Mhz xscale limit or the speed of your SD/MMC can not catch up the job. Try lowering the bit rate of the audio, try using a mono sound if you don't need stereo or try keeping the video quality :)
  14. one of the main reasons that I brought this phone is because I wish I could play emulators on it. Yes, it means A LOT to me, I really don't need a smartphone that can't deal with games. I hate it. now this phone makes me feel stupid. :cry:
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