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  1. I use TeleAtlas McGuider 2008, it doesn't need PortSplitter, the GPS works straight. I believe that it's the same with iGO 8.
  2. I've been using it for some time to tweak the parameters of my F-S Loox N100 (to disble the static navigation filter) and also my Globalsat BT-338. It works fine, but you have to be careful with what you do or you could mess the communications paramenters, and this is a difficult problem to solve.
  3. Here you have it. If this is agains forum rules, please tell me and I'll remove the file. FingerMouse.zip
  4. I have no problem with my car built-in hands-free, the other end hears me loud and clear (as clear as you can get with a car hands-free). But once my i780 is connected to the car-kit it will refuse to go into stand-by. If you use the 720 as a hands-free, it should have a mic somewhere, check if your mount is blocking it or something.
  5. If the one I have on my Spanish i780 from Orange can help you, I guess I can upload it to the forum.
  6. You have installed some software that has messed the screen settings. Some programs made for Windows Mobile 5 have this effect on Windows Mobile 6 (now the lowest backlight level isn't off, so programs that are not aware do this.) To fix this turn on your PocketPC and wait until backlight times out (the screens turns on, instead of off), click menu. Wait again for the screen to light up and go to settings. Patiently proceed this way and reajust screen brightness to your desired levels. Uninstall any program that may want to control backlight (Phone Weaver had this effect on my i780, maybe recent builds are already corrected.) BTW, do this with the phone unplugged so backlight time out is shorter.
  7. I've tried it and it looks awesome, navigation is fast, renders almost like on a desktop and overall it's a really good approach very different to Opera Mobile 8.65 and closer to Opera Mini 4.1. But the current beta has a nasty bug that disables most notifications (sounds, pop-ups and LEDs) for SMS, MMS, calendar, etc. At least that happens on my HTC Touch; but I'm not alone, many people on the Opera forums seems to be affected. Notifications are critical for me, I can't afford to loose one for an incoming appointment, so I uninstalled it :D . I'm still looking forward a new beta more polished. But once you try it, it's difficult to go back :D .
  8. Without being able to see a screenshot, this looks as if Outlook has set up an email account and the password doesn't exist. When you plug yout PocketPC to sync, ActiveSync fires Outlook which in turn tries to download mail for all your email accounts, so nothing directly related to the sync process. Just type the password, or disable or delete the offendig email accoung in Outlook.
  9. My Spanish unit doesn't exhibit this behaviour; the problem is with your country-specific keyboard.
  10. I have the same problem, and it's an annoying one because battery life goes down quicker if the device can't go into standby. My unit is from Orange Spain, unlocked. I've tried to see if it's some registry setting on the power profiles, but I'm almost sure that no matter how you tweat it, the problem isn't there. It looks like a bug in the driver code, so we'll have to wait for a new ROM and hope that the problem is fixed. A new WM 6.1 ROM is expected, let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that this ROM is released by carriers, as well.
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