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    HELP: Debrand 3 UK

    Hi all. I've managed to Sim-unlock my HTC Tytn 2 and now want to go ahead and install custom ROMS. But before I do, is there a way to get my HTC looking like a stock one, without flashing it? I don't quite understand the whole "radio" version thing. Can I use any radio, or only the one that came installed with my phone? The first thing that comes to mind is the annoying "Planet 3" shortcut on the right soft button. I can't find any way of removing it. Also, I want to upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1, but Three doesn't have the update and the HTC won't accept my serial no to allow me to download it from them. How do I update a rebranded phone? Any help appreciated. u Cheers EDIT: I went the whole hog and flashed it with a custom cooked rom and I'll never look back. I also dumped my original three Rom which I can use to get it back to it's original state should I wish to return for a warranty. If anyone needs instructions on how to do this, post.
  2. Hi All. I've been experiencing something a little weird. I've had OSX installed on my Advent for almost a month now without any major problems. However, I've been experiencing new weirdness: my disappearing trackpad. It will be working fine and then suddenly, I'll lose the mouse pointer completely and then lose all control of the mouse. I then have to reboot to get it back. Anyone else experience this? ------------------------------------------------------------- Advent 4211, 2 gigs RAM, Dell 1390 Wifi, Parallels running XP Pro
  3. I posted my problem at the other Wind board but thought that I'd post here too as you guys seem to be more hardcore - I've got issues with bluetooth. It was fine after installing using Paul's method but subsequently it's gone mad. OSX sees the bluetooth hardware but it refuses to connect to anything as I can't seem to switch it on. I've obviously tried using the function key on / off but still no go. What's going on? My hardware is an Advent 4211 with Dell 1390 wifi and 2 gigs ram. Should I try to re-install the blueooth kext? Anyone else having the same problem? Cheers ***UPDATE*** Just figured out that it had to do with adding my mobile phone as a bluetooth modem - it somehow caused pain and suffering. Once I deleted both the phone as a device and the bluetooth connection in the Network control panel,all was hunky dory. There must be a way to fix this. I will continue to investigate.
  4. Paul. Everything works fine until I install the kext's. Then on reboot, it gets stuck on the bluescreen - how do I fix this? I've tried 4 times! I'm going crazy. When I try to boot in safe mode it does the same. How can I boot and remove the kexts to see which one is causing the problems? Please help I'm going mad!
  5. Quick question about the wi-fi card swap. Will any Broadcom based mini wi-fi card work with OSX?

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