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  1. Got my phone back today from Anovo still damaged of course, I am being driven nuts by both them and samsung, I will beat them but thought I would share some more pictures of what Anovo have done to my phone. Maybe if anyone is thinking of buying a Samsung phone this may make you think again, I know it has with me from now on. The last picture is off the phone before they had it
  2. No joy at the moment, Handtec who I bought the phone from have joined the party and are trying to help me. Looking at the reviews of Anovo the repair centre in Norwich they are totally shocking, why do Samsung use them!!
  3. The phone was exceptionally well wrapped up in a Samsung supplied package and I added a load of extra bubble wrap to protect it even more, Samsung even said it was fully insured against any damage etc, but as you can see in the picture they have pulled more of the bezel off, and there is no way I am accepting it back like that, and I am very calm :) Letter is currently WIP
  4. I bought my S4 brand new on the 20th March 2014, I treat my phones better than my kids, never drop them, bang them, knock them or mistreat them in anyway at all. 4th May a small section of the bezel of my S4 falls off???? Not dropped banged or misused in any way, holy god I think. I instantly stop using the phone, wrap it up and call Samsung support the next day, they asked if it had been dopped etc etc and then arranged to collect it. Two weeks later I get an email saying that it is not covered by warranty as they have spotted a hairline fracture in the LCD, I have NOT asked for a new LCD as it was fine, just for the bezel to be replaced that had fallen off. Samsung have basically told me to swivel and that I have done something to the phone and they want £156 to repair it or else they will send it back unfixed. Now when I get home and look at the pictures I took before I sent it to them, it would appear to have been damaged by them, take a look below at the pictures I took The top two pictures are mine, the one on the bottom is theirs, spot the difference???? They are clearly trying to have me over, fortunately I had the sense to take the pictures before I sent it to them, now I just need to sort these charlatans out, any suggestions?? Regards Andrew
  5. That's a brave move, I cannot dispute that the Z10 looks the part, but as for the long term future of Blackberry, I think I personally would avoid at the moment, but good luck and I hope you like your Z10
  6. I think this is a fab phone, only issue I have with it is the call quality, people on the other end could not hear me on half the calls I was making, so Phones4U swapped the phone out after some none gentle persuasion, they really are a bunch of muppets, but that's another story. Anyone else had a similar problem?
  7. Hi, this is off my Moto G, I had a San Diego and this feels faster, but miles better on build quality Regards Andrew
  8. The back cover is removable to access the SIM slot, or change the colour of the cover, but there is no SD Card slot
  9. Hi Voxpop, it was brand new, so hopefully not, I did like the G510 and still have the Y300, I am a saddo with phones and I too have an Iphone, and the G510 was better than that, I have had nothing but hassle with the Iphone, but this Nexus is wow, and for the money, even more wow, I used to have a HTC Desire, but went off HTC due to there lack of updates, it almost seemed like as a phone was released thats's it, so I wont buy another one. Andrew
  10. Always liked the look of the Nexus 4 and the pure Android experience, but always opted for "cheaper" models from Huawei. Anyway looking through the CEX website yesterday, they had a CAT A Nexus 4 16GB for £245, very tempting but I'd only had my Huawei G510 for three months. So nothing ventured nothing gained, I drove down to there store. I whipped out my G510 and gave them the box it came in, was asked to come back in 20 minutes, and low and behold they offered me £94 off the Nexus 4. Happy Days, the Nexus was new, and I walked out the store grinning like a loon £151 lighter, but with a new Nexus 7 in my mits. Was it worth the swap, HELL YES!!!
  11. As far as my understanding is concerned, you cannot alter the boot loader until it is unlocked Andrew
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