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    10.5.7 update

    sorry - i found the old link of how I was able to update: http://forums.msiwind.net/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=6543 thanks dt
  2. dtizzle

    10.5.7 update

    Did you go from 10.5.6 to 10.5.7 or from an earlier iteration of leopard? If you did go from 10.5.6 do you have a good link for the upgrade using the Paul/Kalyway method? - I had a kernel panic after my 10.5.7 trial (using a different method than yours) and now am stuck trying to go from 10.5.5 to .6. thanks for any help dtizzle
  3. works perfectly without a doubt. i downloaded CHUD then the switch.sh and found someone's Applescript that called up the switch.sh. (its all on wired.com) it works like a charm and makes me feel like a douche for buying a hardcore pair of bluetooth headphones.
  4. It is months late for me (I bought some DR-BT50's) but the solution to the last remaining problem with the MSI Wind/MacBookNano has been solved. Either go to the MSI Wind Forums for the full discussion (http://forums.msiwind.net/mac/news-headphone-jack-works-t4854.html) or the short deal over at WIRED. good luck - maybe this should be added to Paul's Startup Guide - although it may already be there by now...
  5. With help from related topics I know use an MSI Wind running Leopard as my primary machine. I am interested in attempting some bios updates (official and unofficial), but would like to know how to flash the bios using a stick formatted in Leopard. Do I have to go into terminal in order to prep a USB stick to be bootable? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. paul thanks for the know how... another question: how do you create a bootable usb drive in leopard. i know for windows you gotta use the hp disk utility, but i would guess its easier in os x? just want to know because i hear good (and bad) things about bios update 1.08 that apparently includes the speed boost to 2ghz.
  7. the upgrade question looks to be solved http://www.modaco.com/content/asus-eee-pc-...-5-4-to-10-5-5/
  8. 10.5.5 is out from apple. paul, any word on upgrade stability? thanks
  9. a note on mirror display - its a killer for my machine as well, which is fine because i like the screen-spanning. i was experimenting for a bit and found that when i switch to mirror mode and everything goes crazy it is very hard to get back to normal. to do this i had to constantly unplug/plug in the monitor and manage to open the menu bar icon for displays and switch mirroring off. because both screens become so garbled in mirror mode this was a little bit difficult. hope that helps. also - elalitte - i am going to checkout the logitech set right now. i was eyeing the motorola dj style bluetooth here http://www.bestcellaccessories.com/motorol..._source=froogle
  10. question that hasn't come up in the thread yet... does the fact that in system profiler the speed of my memory is 0 MHz slow my machine down artificially. i mean its obviously not actually operating at 0, because my memory works, but is it working at 667MHz or some minimal default value? also - totally unrelated - as i haven't seen a solution to the headphone out issue on other boards, does anyone have a suggestion for good usb (or even better bluetooth {stereo is a must}) headphones?
  11. THANK YOU PAUL (and others) got my wind 6cell with 2gb ram and 1490 dell wifi running like a leopard in just a few hours. migrating from another mac was the real challenge - tried using timemachine (mistake) and wifi (mistake) then just used a second hard drive to drag and drop the important info. worked brilliantly. paul - please repost your paypal beer account, cause you are definitely going to be drinking on me. thanks dtizzle also>> vga second monitor works no configuration in extended desktop at 1280x something resolution no problems whatsoever. edit:: clamshell works without issue with a usb-mouse.
  12. thanks, this was helpful. there are many many threads at msi wind forums that would be glad to have a link to your site. dt
  13. where did you buy from? newegg? any differences between it and the advent in terms of getting osx up?
  14. where did you buy from? newegg? any differences between it and the advent in terms of getting osx up?
  15. Great thread. The wind/advent is a great looking machine. two questions: 1. Audio drivers... has there been any advances on that front? As a stop gap solution, has anyone tried something like c-media electronics' USB Audio key with a mac? 2. I currently use an aging iBook g4 and I am not impressed with the current lineup of the Apple laptops. Transferring my data efficiently to a new system is critical to me... Has anyone read of a report/completed a Migration Assistant transfer of settings/data from mac to a hackintosh? Thanks, and again, great work.
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