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  1. We all preface our comment with how long we have been using mobiles, et al, and that lends some weight to our comments about one phone is this one phone is that. Full disclosure, I work for what is deemed to be the worlds biggest EMM company as a technical consultant, so my current phone line up is, iphone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, Note 2, note 3, Lumia 920, 925, 1020, HTC 8x, HTC One, GS3, GS4, BBZ10, BBQ10, Nexus 4, Nexus5, HTC HD2. In our work we deal with all manner of clients who use various mobility solutions for work, and BYOD strategies. The way I see it is that you use what is right for you and respect the other guys. Each platform has a set of advantages and disadvantages, and to argue against an opinion with another opinion is stupid. Android is great, 4.4 is nice and clean and quick on the N5, but its seriously compromised when it comes to business apps and business connectivity (EAS for example) BB10 is solid and reliable, and ticks the right boxes for a lot of IT managers. Its APP ecosystem is a disaster however. WinPhone8 has some great devices, but people find it hard to trust that Microsoft take it seriously IOS is locked down and sandboxed, available on few devices, but IT managers like LACK of choice, it keeps it simple, and the APP experience is the best. Just remember, telling people who have just spend or willing to spend £100's on a phone that they are wrong because they don't see things the way you do is childish and wrong, respect peoples choice. Thank god we have a choice unlike the PC market for so many years.
  2. Thanks for this. Great to see someone write on an Android heavy site about iOS and not fall into a load of old bollocks about who did what first and who did what better yada yada yada. I use iPhone as my primary phone, but also have a HTC One, BB Z10 and Lumia 920. Why ?, well for a start its part of my job, but more than that I love the way they all have strengths and of course weaknesses. I would love an iphone the size of a HTC One, equally I would love the range of quality apps on Android (Apps I use that is). The Windows Phone 8 shows that power can be in the OS and the way its optimized and not just the amount of RAM and CPU Cores you throw at something. Keep up the good work.
  3. Waiting for the phone to get recalled I think.
  4. Downloading now, should be testing in a few hours.
  5. H is there, and I re downloaded one of my paid apps from the market. have not bought any news ones though.
  6. Had this a couple of builds ago. Not now, but I did do a full wipe. Also my cable was playing up, replaced it and all worked well. Just a thought.
  7. Thanks for the sanity. I have an iphone 4 and a HTC desire that do different jobs for me and they are both great. Yes I get signal loss on the iP4, but I have a case for it (just like all my other phones and my £400 desire (coz I like to keep them looking new), and with the case I get no issues. All the people that want Apple to sod off and fail please be happy that this is a HTC Desire forum and concentrate on that. And as a parting shot for all the anti-applers, consider why you always compare modern phones to the iphone if its so poor. The reason is because the iphone is a great phone that has a whole set of problems, but it is still a great phone. If you have the smartphone without problems then please let me know what it is, as it will obviously be the last phone I buy. After all, if it was perfect then why would I need another.
  8. Odd Mine has been displaying a better battery life since the new ROM. I will keep a close eye on it.
  9. Having all sorts of issues with this one. Sense is a mess. Maybe a clean install is needed.
  10. Have to say that my N1 is fast on 2.2, but I don't feel a real world speed increase against my iPhone 4. I think sometimes stats can be a bit off the mark. In daily use, the iPhone tends to save time on the speed of its controls and interface, compared to Froyo. Just an opinion, don't shoot me.
  11. slaguru

    Non Sence

    Yep. I hear that ...
  12. slaguru

    Non Sence

    Having had the Desire on the back burner for ages while I do most things on my iPhone, I had a revelation last week. I updated to Froyo, which of course has not HTC gubbins on it and WOW... Why do I like stock 2.2 android over Sence ??? I cant work it out, but I have not been able to leave it alone for a week now. Maybe HTC would just release 2.2 stock on the Desire just to get it out there, and then give people the option to add all the widgets later.
  13. Seems like Google running again before the rest have caught up. It would be nice if Android were allowed to settle down and let devs make some killer apps and add ons for the current 2.1 / 2.2. Having been through the Hero, selling that and getting the Desire and having to mod that to get 2.2 it strikes me that Google had best do what Apple has done and stick around at 2.2 for a while to let Devs make tablet (Pad) apps ready for a tablet launch. Setting a standard and sticking to it for a while allowed apple to get apps made for the iPad in a hurry, and of course they can use iPhone apps too. I love my iPad for that, the simple pleasure of being able to get it, switch it on and just use it is a massive win. If Android 3 changes the UI and other elements at launch AND has different hardware it just fragments everything more.
  14. Given the massive disappointment in the time it has taken for the Hero to get upgraded my guess is that we wont see an upgrade for at least three months. Thats assuming that it is coming at all. I love my HTC phones, but with Android getting pushed all the time I wonder if HTC are just planning ahead constantly, and forgetting the user base. Maybe 2.2 is coming on the Desire 2 for example, that will be released in the next few months (I guess). I just want Android to stick so we can all catch our breath and get all the phones updated ready for the next batch. Anyway, my iPhone is getting updated on the 24th so thats something for me to look forward to.
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