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  1. Hello all, Soon my phone contract is over. And I can pick a new phone. I am looking for the 'perfect' phone for me. But I can't seem to find it. And thus I'm about to ask you guys. (the gurus) Heh Anywho, I first had a HTC S710, I liked how it handled. But it was awfully slow. And I missed a lot of features in Windows Mobile. Then I handled a Symbian (I think this was a Nokia E53 something) for a week. I hated the thing.. Almost threw it out. Could hardly find the config. Now I have a G1 Android phone. Really like it. But its awfully slow and can't do all the things I really like to do. First you'd need to know I have a LOT of trouble with not having a Full Keyboard.. (I can't handle the TouchScreen Keyboards nor can I handle the normal numeric keys) Also, I dont care at all about TouchScreen. The things I'd require are: - SMS / Call ( I put this down as some people seem to forget this function ( Referring to the first release of the NEO Freerunner ) ) - Sync Calender w/ Google - Sync Contacts w/ Google - Email [ gmail && exchange ] ( I use Gmail and Personal Email and Exchange is setup by Uni ) - Bluetooth Audio ( I have a Sony Ericsson HBH-DS200 to listen music ) - Navigation System ( Can be something I'd have to buy with it. I have used Google Maps for this before, so it doesnt require to be high-tech or free. ) - IRC / MSN / Skype (I'd like to be able to go on IRC and MSN when I am on the road. Skype would be great. But not required) - Easy Access to Various Puzzle Games. - SSH Client And now the hard part. I'd like too: Run C, Ruby, Python Apps. As I use on a daily basis (and I'd like to when I am on the road) to use - Scapy (High Requirement, its a Python App I use when I am at Costumers.) - r2 (Disassembler I use a lot for Malware Analyses, and I'd like to have it on me at all times for Quick Analyses, http://radare.org/) - Metasploit (This one is just practical but its not required. Its a 'pure' Ruby app.) I know this all is solved if I can run Linux or BSD on the system. But, as far as I know. - Windows Mobile devices can hardly run Linux - BlackBerry Cant - Android can, but as Hybrid Boot and that makes it really slow. So, my question is. Does anyone know a good device for me? Doesn't need to be state-of-the-art it just requires those functions. (and fit in my pocket of course :lol:) I've had a look at the new Android Devices, some BlackBerrys etc but I really dont know. Also, on a side note. How come both my HTC S710 and my G1 are dreadfully slow. I hardly installed anything on 'em just those apps above (for as far as I could) Thanks in advance I really need help with this. Cheers, Robin
  2. Thanks for telling me about that. Well I hope I will understand it.. But I'll ask anyquestions. When I'll need it. Thanks =) Heh, well thats the point. As I am a coder myself and I am more of the Unix Side (Modulair Programming I mean) its hard to find the default Windows things well good. I am even planning in rewriting the Contacts App. That it will store all the PhoneNumbers in the SIM but all the other data in a SQL Again. And that it can 'Encrypt' Special Phonenumbers in the SIM Card.. But yea then I need to know first how to make a Service App that allways runs on Windows Mobile (And I havnt had the time yet to figure that one out..) Anyway, if anyone would want that Calender App. I am thinking of extending it with a Windows Extracter that will Convert it to Firebird Data. If there are people intrested I will fix my code up a bit and post it online. Cheers all, Robin
  3. Ok thanks that did answer my question. I think I might Flash it than. I will need to get some extra info about it though. As I am really scared that I will kill my phone. I am not scared about the warranty. As I bought it off eBay B) Kind Regards, Robin
  4. I am using one I wrote myself. As I have a 99% Uptime with the internet of my Phone it does the following: - It saves to a Local SQLLite Database. - Syncs every 5 Minutes with a SQL Database online. And I use that SQL Database athome aswell to run a Calander Program. I havn't named it yet and I do not have a Windows Port in my notes yet. So, basicly my Calander is ALWAYS up-to-date and thus some people can also Directly see what I have going on. I think that that did beat that Calender Bigtime B) But thats my opinion. The reason I want to work like this is ofc since I run Linux as first. And Second that everybody (Who I give a SQL Passwd) has access to my Calender. And about removing some junk form WM6, is there a list of minimalistic files? Like a list that shows me what I can throw away and what not? Thanks. =)
  5. Hello I am trying to write a Service Kind of program. This program has NO-GUI and reads Config Files ( .mist files ) I was thinking about how to do this. And I came up with the old rundll32.exe that I noticed was also on the Smartphones. So I executed rundll32.exe like this: "\WINDOWS\rundll32.exe \mist.dll,run" But I noticed this didn't work. I really need it to work without a GUI.. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks. Robin
  6. Hey all I have my phone for a While now and I love it (HTC S710) But I want to get rid of some programs that are Bugging me. They take up space and memory I want to get rid of them. Some people say Flash a ROM, But I think thats first Illigal Second Dangerous. SO I want to do it the other way, I just want to delete the functions from the Phone.. I want to get rid of: Microsoft Office Internet Explorer That Special way of Contacs, the SIM Card is MORE then Enough for me (I think this is in the Core of Windows Mobile but you'll enver know heh) Calander (I got a better one) Tasks MSM Messanger ActiveSync Windows Media Player (I have two Music Players atm) Windows Live AdobeReader Default Calculator Fun & Info Default Java Emulator Default Games (They are Bugged anyway) Does anyone know how to get rid of them? I dont use any of them.. Thanks! Cheers, Robin
  7. Id love to have a ARMIV Assembler. But I can't seem to find one. About developing my Own scripting Language. Its almost done. It only has to be ported to Windows Mobile. And thats were I am stuck =P Cheers, Robin
  8. hello, I am searching on Google now for about 5 Hours and I can't seem to find this. I want to make a real easy Game in Cpp/ASM for my Smartphone (vox).. Coding games for linux is no big deal and that is what I normaly do. I use Gcc and GDB also SDL and Inline (x86) Assembler in them. Ive got a Vox and Linux doesn't work good enough yet on it and till it does I want to have this little game on my Windows Mobile. Since I travel a lot and I want to have something to do when I am on the road. So, Coding a Small game in C++ for a Smartphone. My Googling told me about eMbedded Visual C++ but that looks kind old. I have not been able to find a QuickReference for the SDK. Or a Documentation. Coding in MS Visual Studio is quite new for me. But I bet that they can't have raped C++ so much thats its such a Diffrent Language. Does somebody have a good Document for me? One that shows me the SDKs Functions. Oh, I found a couple of examples. But they started with _tmain. And i was all my WTF..?! I hope that somebody can give me a good Documentation. I also looked on MSDN but bad luck. Thanks =) - Robin
  9. Heh anyway. It works =) Thanks, I need my EEE Laptop back now and I can have test the program. Then rewrite it in Java :D Thanks!
  10. THANK YOU! I was looking for that =) I knew it should be somewhere, Thanks
  11. Heh, thats alright. Thanks a lot =)
  12. Well, its for my Research.. (So, its not really intresting) Its a Phone Recognizer. Since very often I when I open my Bluetooth explorer to send files to a friend or something I see Double Names. So, I never really know who is who. I decited to make a Phone BT Reconizer. The problem with that is. I need the first 6 Digits of of MAC since the first 3 Hex-Pairs tell the Vendor. So lets say your MAC is: 12:34:BA:BE:EF:56 I'll only need 12:34:BA but I'd like to get 12:34:BA:B to test a theory :D I hope you trust me, I can't do anything with that MAC adrs. Thanks =)
  13. Hello all, I am developing a program for Mobile phones. And for that I need BT MAC Addresses. So, I wonder. Does anyone want to help me?? I need to know what Brand of Mobile you've got and what the first 6 Characters of your Bluetooth Mac Address. I hope somebody will help me with this.. :D Thank you already :D Gr. Robin
  14. Hey, Thanks for all the help. But none of these are really intresting to me. So I decited to write my own Scripting Language. And Compiler. I know how much work it is :D but well I kinda have to for what I want. (DLL Calls and Inline ASM) Thanks anyway. If My Coding Language (That still needs a Name) is done Ill report it back here on MoDaCo aswell :D Cheers, Robin
  15. Hello all, I have since yesterday a Smartphone a HTC S710. And my contacts list keeps importing my Hotmail Email Contacts. I dont want this. I already once removed all of them by hard. And well it just makes them return a day later. How can I stop this? Cheers, Robin
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