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  1. also, if you have an SD card in it, take it out. this would fix my archos tab.
  2. got it. so an intelligent guess would tell me, it takes roughly 4 lines of complex code to get this? :)
  3. Could someone please provide me with or point me in the direction of the 'road sms' .apk file?? thank you kindly!
  4. Good day, could someone please provide or point me to the 'road sms .apk' ??? greatly appreciated!
  5. hey guys and gals! :D I am a windows phone guy (booooooo) but i am ready to go droid! cant take not having innovation. my thing is, coming from winmo and being a pc tech, i use my phone for a lot of things. namely as a usb drive. can the droid do this? if so...based on my other research, im SOLD! :P also...is it true you cannot download apps to your storage card? i read that u can only download to the Rom (or ram)?
  6. Love this rom! nice and clean. im not using the m2d. 23081 is fast...battery seems to die quick but i have been putting it through its paces... NICE!
  7. what up dude? havent seen u in the boards for a while :) this ROM rocks! its so fast! though i noticed the old registry changes make it even better! like the GLYPH changed to 32768 makes the apps open faster.
  8. could someone please tell me how to turn this stupid motion sensor off! or could you please post the motionsensor.exe. god i hate motion sensor!
  9. even though its rumored to have a sucky resistive screen! and that touchwiz crap is crap! do us a favor and choose a verizon phone...of a different flavor :) we are following u...but...im leaning toward htc. im actually holding out to the LEO drops but i will be getting a new phone in the next few months through my insurance so...im sure they will be giving me either a imagio (which is wack but i`ll take it until the leo drops) or one of the other HTC devices. if they give me the omnia II...i`ll deal with it. i mean it does have that 800mhz and the amoled... but even that sucks in direct sunlight! the reviews for it suck. but its just a...stop gap :(
  10. anyone have the market place for mobiles cab?? its apparently up and running :) * nevermind i got it :D MS_SkyMarket.cab
  11. slightly off topic...is anyone using spb mobile shell 3.5? for some reason i cant get the bottom of 6.5 to go away when spb launches. it covers the carousel!
  12. first v6 works flawless for me (but so did the others im just REALLY good lol) but this gps panel...im diggin in right now! lets keep this one alive since he is apparently changing threads anyway :)
  13. Could someone tell me what happened to the "MOUSE settings" in the settings area? i generally like my mouse to move faster :)
  14. I am working with a company that is thinking of offering mobile security for windows and symbian phones, my question is, would you buy a mobile security application?
  15. lol! :D sad u had to say that. but one day people on here will be true winmo pro`s :angry: ...im sure when 7 drops!!
  16. cant wait to here about the battery life! :D that is the only reason im on a Adryn rom ;) im like in a time warp! I WANNA BE IN 2009!! :angry: but...not until the battery is better :|
  17. WOWW!!! i need this version of SPB mobile shell with those icons! how do i get them?
  18. ALL, i am looking for the newest version of bing (after 4.6.6169.0) and google maps (i think i may be able to find this one) with layers. could someone point me to the cabs for these? cant seem to find them online...
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