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  1. finally decided to leave my c500 and pay as you go sim and go for a contract! just wondering if anyone can help me out choose contract for about £30 a month with a sp5 or 8310 phone (not liking the c600)! what are the best deals out there? anyhelp would be great, thanks
  2. im getting my c500 fixed from dust from htc 2mora and il see how it goes wiv dust and keep you posted
  3. no battery is fine giving out good voltage and current so i thing i will do warranty return has ne1 had ne experience of this how should i do the forms on the htc website eg when filling out cosmetic details as sum1 told me they also repaced casing and sorted dust for free when he sent he back for repair!
  4. i meant as new rom was the current latest orange rom i downloaded from orange website! im goin to test the battery and then decide weather to try new battery or do warranty return as its still in warranty!
  5. lol well i have system restore turned off so im still stuck with as4
  6. is there any way to fix my phone!? after flashin new rom on my c500 i restarted it and it will not turn on has no response at all!? can ne1 help me please? thanks It successfully flashed the latest orange uk rom and then when it said restart phone it would not power up again! when i insert into charger no led lights! is there any way to fix?
  7. does ne1 no how to get 3.8 workin again properly after installing 4
  8. to load a rom from sd card successfully can i transfer the nbk file from RUU_v0.995_OrangeUK_v4.1.1.4m.exe to sd card and load that from the sd card to my device? will this work without messing my phone up??
  9. powertoys doesnt work wiv wm5 when will the powertoys be released for wm5?
  10. i have been recently using tt5 and love it but once in a while it tends to just freeze and i have to restart phone to get it working again has anyone else had any problem like this?
  11. is it possible you could attach the standard c500 orange homescreen and the plugin needed for it thanks
  12. i cant get wm5 + activesync to work over bluetooth on matter wot i try every1 says its really easy but i cant get it to work i paired my c500 wiv my computer and im using widcomm bluetooth drivers! can any1 help me out? thanks
  13. non of my buttons respond wen one of my buttons are stuck pressed in, generally the receive and end call buttons do it on mine!
  14. try the patch/fix for the tomtom software which allows it to work with any gps device not just tomtom supported devices!!
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