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  1. Bunabumali

    SPV M500 3 network compatibility

    you have the same problem like me if yu get help for unlocking yours please also help me to unlock mine m500 spv [email protected]
  2. Bunabumali

    Network unlock code

    Thanks very much fo rthe info am using http://www.ug.celtel.com/en/ as my sim card and l got the Cellphone from UK and l have also MTN http://www.mtn.co.ug/
  3. Bunabumali

    locked spv m500

    l have tried to put the Code in the box biutit has failed l cant tell why? CODE 00000000 waiting for help
  4. This seems to work with C500 only wat about M 500 thx
  5. Bunabumali

    Network unlock code

    Hi folks l have my phone and itis asking me for Network is locked, please input unlock code type of the phone is orange M500 spv highly need your help [email protected]

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