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  1. Alright, despite the melodramatic tag line I honestly do have a problem finding a bonafide GPS program. I have sailed the high seas with the pirates and have come back unscathed and without any ability of finding my way - alas, no GPS software. I download, install, curse, hardreset and repeat. I don't like NoniGPSPlot. I don't want a dataplan and have successuflly initiated the GPS unlocking process through MoDaCo's GPS unlocker. Garmin XT wouldn't install because "there was no programs associated with this type of file" regardless of the resetting or type of file I executed. TomTom Navigator failed to launch, however it did install...kinda. I don't find myself traveling Guam anytime soom but none the less....I have a map of a small island I may resort to should I feel the need. So, could anybody give me a link, email, heads-up or kind word that could get me in a shiny new GPS program for my even shinier BlackJack 2? I'm not a cop and won't turn you. I'll not scold you for giving me information which I have already been privvy. Email me directly or repost. A list of compatible programs would be great and a link. Installation procedures are not required. Just a link to a program that works...that you KNOW works. None of that www.lemonparty.org stuff either. BTW for those of you who value your sight and sanity DO NOT CLICK ON THAT LINK. It was simply a request not to post horrid images of fellatio between two men. Thanks a bunch have a good one...help.
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