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  1. Does anyone know what the release date of the MDA Vario IV will be?
  2. I really liked the phone, didn't want to return it but had no choice due to poor battery life (battery is 900mAh). I had to charge it every night. Also, I don't think 4Gb is enough these days. T-Mobile claim to have solved the overheating issue that was affecting battery life, hope so. I personally would expect a phone to last at least 2 days on moderate usage, which is what my current Vario II does (battery is 1350mAh). You could buy the extended battery from expansys but then it loses it's slimness. There are some OEM batteries rated at 1000mAh. Heard rumours of an OEM 1100mAh battery in the pipeline.
  3. I returned my due to poor battery life, no other reason. Had to charge it every night with moderate usage. Have since spoke n to T-Mobile and they claim to have fixed heat problem which was affecting battery life. Tempted to get one again, but waiting to see how much Vario IV is on upgrade. But also heard battery life not so good on that either.
  4. Why don't you wait for Vario 4 before deciding?
  5. May I ask what was your old phone? I have mine (MDA Compact IV) for 2 weeks and never got close to 2 days battery life with moderate usage. Leaving bluetooth on drained it very quickly. Have since returned it. Apart from battery life an excellent phone, perfect size.
  6. Just spoke to T-Mobile about Compact IV. The upgrade dept told me it had been stopped for a while and they've sorted out the overheat problem which was affecting the battery life. He couldn't give me any more details. Also, he said the Vario IV not expected until the 4th quarter.
  7. So WCDMA is the biggest battery drain. What about the VGA screen and backlight?
  8. How much better is the battery life and reception?
  9. Do you think a flashing a HTC ROM on a Compact 4 would significantly increase it's battery life. Also, will any setup have to be done to make it pick T-Mobile network and data settings etc?
  10. I case one has to return it under warranty.
  11. So people are happy with the battery life they are getting? Does anyone know if it's possible to ROM update a Compact 4, but also to be able to revert it back to it's original state if necessary? Or update the T-Mobile rom with HTC updates to improved the battery life?
  12. Any comments on battery life, please?
  13. Does anyone know how much thicker and heavier the phone will be with this battery?
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