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  1. I recently bought a smartphone and had all sorts of problems getting support from a non-existant supplier and so forth. Anyway, what I have appears to be a CLONE of the I-Mate Jama model, which regretablly, is quite low spec for a smartphone/PDA bought in the fall of 2007! This device has WM6 but now the touch screen doesn't work and is generally acting very strange meaning unusable. I haven't been able to find any support for this phone anywhere (club imate requires either a valid serial#), any desperately want to do a hard reset or enter the bootloader to flash the rom. Can anyone tell me the hard boot key press sequence or provide any source on the web for support of this model?
  2. simontan1

    Bulk Buyers: OEM name branded SD Cards 512MB/1GB

    If this is your best mini sd price based on 100 pcs, you are going to struggle. I can purchase from a RETAILER 1gb Sandisk MINI sd cards for £44.00 each. If we take the VAT off (7.6%) we can get it down to £40.65. Someone bringing 100 pieces into the UK would also be liable for VAT @ 17.5% plus Duty if applicable. If you can offer 1gb Mini SD Sandisk cards for £32.00 DDU, may be interested in ordering 500.
  3. simontan1

    1 big problem with HTC Universal

    Phew, if that's the case it will be bloody expensive. I just bought a brand new laptop for the same price with pretty decent spec. Let's hope Orange can offer a good deal when my contract is up for renewal otherwise it's out of my range of what I would spend on a handheld, no matter how state of the art it is.
  4. simontan1

    C500 now or wait?

    Also depends on what kind of a phone you've got now. If you haven't got WM2003, then I would go for a C500, as they are really cheap (especially on prepay). On the other hand, if the technological jump to a C500 is not a big one for you, then hold out for the new generation of smartphones with better screen resolutions and minimum 1.3mp cameras. That's my tuppence worth. Oh yeah, if you go the prepay route for the C500, you won't have to pay that greedy Florin chap £20 to sim unlock, as a free unlocker was released yesterday. I was one of those who departed with his £20 recently :cry:
  5. simontan1

    AotW: MobiLuck

    Ditto. Could never exit the program (not even through task manager). Phone crashed all the time, I was glad to get the thing off my phone at the end. Also, it would not let me install it in English as my regional settings are set to German. This is a major flaw, as I could not zap messages in the language of my choice. Or not....I've tried to download this so many times and it just never, ever works. I select my country, put in my email address, select Orange and the C500 and it asks if I want the trial version or the full version. Click on the trial button and nothing....just waits and waits. Been like this for months now, ever since I first heard about Mobiluck - someone very kindly sent me a version to try* but I understand that the latest version is better, but I can't download it! * tried it - made the C500 slow and crashed/locked up all the time. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  6. simontan1

    Car Charger

    I bought one from these guys. They even posted to Switzerland at no extra cost. Excellent service and charger works perfectly. Linky
  7. check your bluetooth settings: start -> configurationss -> BT Serial port setup -> then make sure both the inbound & outbound com port boxes are ticked (mine show ports 6 & 7 respectively). any good?
  8. make sure their are no directories within a directory. All should be separate and in the root of the miniSd. Try: storage card2577 storage cardyour map folder storage cardTomTom storage cardTTMOBILE When you run the .exe in the 2577 folder, it should create a Tomtom icon in your startmenu, maybe on the second or third page.
  9. One's gotta do what one's gotta do to get those nice expensive toys and gadgets. Sorry, but thought it was funny how the wife is relegated behind the Focus in the order of getting rid of things! :roll:
  10. I bought the software from Ebay without a GPS unit, and could not find a stand alone version of the tomtom receiver here in Switzerland....
  11. Yep, I'm not Swiss but live in Luzern. I was so pissed off with Swisscom having no Smartphones, I decided to go over to Orange and take advantage of the Optima 30 plan with a C500 for CHF 149.00. Although my Swisscom contract doesn't expire until March 05, Orange agreed I could take the phone now, and only start paying in March whereby my 079 number will be ported over. As for the ROM, I was just inpatient and wanted the upgrade. The only things I lost were the GPRS settings, but they don't really interest me anyway.
  12. After reading this thread, I decided to take the plunge and bought a Pretec Bluetooth GPS today. Here is my basic how to: The first thing to be careful of is the structure of the Tomtom folders which need to be copied onto the mini-sd. Ensure that the folders '2577', 'tomtom', 'ttmobile', and your map folder are separate and each in the root directory of the card. With the latest updated tomtom.exe (1.15mb as opposed to 1.0mb), I did not need to rename the GPS receiver. It seems this update allows you to use any compatible device. You need to go into the windows directory and run the 'BTSerialPortSetup.exe' file and tick the boxes for inbound and outbound ports. Mine are defaulted to 6 & 7 respectively. After these settings the devices bonded no problem and TT works like a dream. Also noticed when driving that the scrolling is much quicker and smoother, a big improvment on the PPC version I had been using until now.
  13. Pierre, I think notdisclosed wants the data not the basic rom version. I can't give him mine as i've flashed to the UK Can you post it?
  14. simontan1

    Mpx ebay

    Another scammer busted. No longer a registered Ebay user.....

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