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  1. I was in Hong Kong during the weekend and saw the MPx220 displayed and sold in the two major appliance chain in Hong Kong, take a look at this review for more details: http://www.mobile-review.com/forum2/showthread.php?t=19143
  2. @Eltierra, I presumed that you mean the Internet Explorer of your Smartphone and not your PC :wink: Please check your GPRS settings as changing your ROM erased the settings of Smart GPRS, you can search thru the threads on how to set GPRS for Smart or Globe.
  3. Go to the first page of this thread and click the link to the procedure, I think you still have the old procedure and the old link, the new procedure has the NK.nbf file in zip format (NK.zip)
  4. I posted a link in my procedure where you can find all the latest ROMs for Smartphones, just make sure you don't download the ones for the Voyager :wink: Go to the first page of this thread and click the link to view my procedure.
  5. Unfortunately, mukhang hindi pa gumagana yun unlocking process ni florin_m sa SAP2 and he is still working on the problem, I had someone tried it already, will keep you all updated. Yes mode of payment talaga ang problema, that is why I started this thread to see if there will be enough to have some alternatives. Kap, if you plan to sell your SAP1 to get a SAP2, I suggest better get the HTC Typhoon, aka...c500, Qtek 8010, iMate3, DOPOD 565, etc. :wink:
  6. The choice is yours but so far the most popular are Qtek and iMate ROM just remember if you want your phone to stay unlock, don't install Smart ROM :wink:
  7. @ALL, Ibalik natin na sa original topic ang thread ..... please :wink: Ano mayroon na bang nakapagupgrade? Paki-post naman ang pros and cons. @jbyte, Kumusta na ang unlock phone mo na naka SAP ROM, baka gusto mo i-share ang procedure mo? Pagawa tayo ng bagong thread kay Sneeky Moderator :)
  8. Kung galing sa akin yun siguradong libre :wink: Yun 20 gbp kasi sa kainila barya lang, eh sa atin mahigit dalawang libo na :) baka kung may isang daan na kayo kaya natin kausapin na half price na lang or lower 8)
  9. I would like to know how many SAP2 (Voyager) users in the Philippines who would like to unlock their phones using florin_m unlocking service but cannot do so because of payment problem via Paypal. With substantial clients we may be able to negotiate for a better price and I will see what I can do to help facilitate the payment, meaning baka puwede sa pinas na lang ang bayad and in Php :wink:
  10. Getting back to topic: Can anyone who has already upgraded to the latest SAP ROM tell us what the pros and cons are aside from locking our phones to Smart?
  11. @dinoalbert, Last hirit na ito, after completing your 2 to 3 years contract with Smart or other service providers who SIM locked their phones, your phone may either be obsolete or already beyong repair, so mga service providers, stop SIM locking your phones it's really useless and just making your company spend more :idea:
  12. @ALL, I think we are getting OFF TOPIC na dito, this tread is supposed to discussed about the SAP version ROM :wink: Just a final word, this is a forum to discuss about the Smartphones whatever model it is and not to defend a service provider, other threads are even offering unlocking for the e200 or SAP2 as such for a fee, so maybe we should get back to the real purpose of MoDaCo and not argue on the vested interest of phone companies :roll:
  13. Thanks sa supporta Ronny :) Sa tingin ko dapat ang gagawin ng mga service providers ay pagandahin ang service nila, even if I have an openline phone I will not think of using another provider's SIM kung satisfied ako sa service. Kung gusto ng Smart or other service provider respect, then they must earn it by making their service worth respecting.
  14. Dino, Hayaan mo request ako ng unit from Taiwan, yun dummy lang, ok na ba yon, pasensya na pare yun lang kaya ko eh :)
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