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  1. I'm having trouble installing neo themes. HTC Wing Comm Manager, and Rinku's Toolbar. I was wondering if anyone could help me. There Error I'm getting is Installation of Rinku Iconbar.cab was unsuccessful Says the same thing for the other cabs. I'm using windows mobile 6.0 My Shadow is unlocked I used SDA_application Unlock. And I have the following programs installed Cingular Shazaa Music ID DilfATX SaveBattery HTC_Juno e-Natives Technology Smart Tool Kit Geodesic Mundu Radio Google Maps Google Search HeapSizeFix Jbed 3d mod Opera Mobile PocketX Handango InHand SRS WowHD v1.28.5 Surreal Networks App Unlock Thunder Tornado Low Light
  2. swordoath

    Can 3G be enabled?

    Not quite immediately but within the next year or so after they go to 3G and it's got nothing really to do with the data but I just thought people would like to know about it and that it will be easier for themes and upgrades since the android system by google is based off of open source. This is just what I heard from an employee the other day.
  3. swordoath

    Can 3G be enabled?

    T-mobile currently does not have a 3G network. Expect it by the end of the year or the begining of the first quarter. within a year after that they will be upgrading beyond 3G as they are soon going to be partnering with google and will also be offering devices with the new google android operating system

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