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  1. Went back into T-Mobile today in passing, was just told "next week", not sure when that means exactly but..
  2. Can't lose anything from it, so if I don't get it direct, I shall definitely look in to quidco. Have you had any problems with that site or everything fine? And I hope T-Mobile hurry up and get the S2, I can't wait forever.. Annoying that everywhere there's someone telling you a different date.
  3. Yeah I've been looking at that EXACT deal. If I can't get anything better with T-Mobile direct, that's probably where I shall be going. Never used quidco or any cashback sites before though.
  4. Anyone ever used any of them online sites like mobiles.co.uk or affordablemobiles? They have good prices and some bad reviews, but the bad reviews are just because of free gifts and them not reading the T&C's, which I wouldn't have problems with..
  5. They've just said that they can't do anything as they don't stock the phone at the moment, so I'm just going to leave it for until T-Mobile have it and see if I can get an upgrade. Unless they call me on retention, which I doubt.
  6. Oh okay. Depending on what I can get is if I keep it or trade it in. Will get back to you soon, calling in like 30 minutes. Know the time they close?
  7. Been into town today, T-Mobile just told me to wait about "a week and a half?". Carphone Warehouse couldn't do anything today as the phone isn't in my name. So will be calling T-Mobile this afternoon and see if they can do anything for me. CPW did say my phone was worth £100 towards it though.. Any idea how much yours was?
  8. Oh thanks, I guess I'll call them tomorrow and see what comes out of it.. That's a good deal you got, so if I can get something like that I'll be a happy man. Will tell you how it goes.
  9. Oh I meant i'm nearing the end of my T-Mobile contract. My HTC Hero. Do I have to threaten to leave for them to give me that sort of deal? And does it matter how long I've been with them for on how good the deal is?
  10. Hey, do you know if this would be available in store? Also I didn't think T-Mobile had the SGS2 yet, because that sounds perfect for me. Maybe with more texts though.. EDIT: I'm coming up to my contract end at the end of this month.
  11. The HTC Hero is now selling on Orange in the UK. And will be shipping tomorrow (July 23rd) Orange UK to ship HTC Hero tomorrow ;)
  12. Yes it does thanks alot ;)
  13. Hey, I thought the Hero was on T-Mobile and Orange in the UK however ive found a website only selling it on T-Mobile and vodafone who i didn't know were having it.. also the site says that the device will be with you in 14 days and doesnt say its not released.. i do not know what to think. Also confused when it says like "Combi 25" and it costs £30 a month..? :S Mobile Phones Direct Thanks.
  14. Hey... Ermm... Im new here some of you may have seen me around the Palringo chat room knows as "Matt (HTC S710)" Dont Know what to say but... Hey! And See ya around! :D
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