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  1. yeah.. i did.. second time it happened...
  2. hi i've been trying to make a 6.5 rom now >< but when i drag and drop the OS.nb.new into BuildRom.cmd, and i click the green play button and i get an error saying "the target temp\dump\cgacutil.exe is a directory, not a file" what can i do to fix this?? thanks alot =)
  3. NICE!! has anyone tried that yet??? it looks good =) hope its real
  4. Hey i want to use a custom rom but i find that some of the programs i like can't be found.. Could someone please tell me where to find samsung phonebook, bubble breaker, solitaire and windows mobile office as cabs?? thanks in advance ^^
  5. hmm try diopen or effy-korean, but i found once diopen is installed the t9 function on the samsung keyboar, keypad etc is disabled.. so i stick to effy. but they both have a 15 day trial period. you could get away by reflashing to a new rom every 15 days though.
  6. WOW got something to share =D ^^ first i flashed to the L2 rom with everything inside, bootloader, pda, csc, phone then i reflashed the L2 with everything except csc and now i dont have samsung widgets but when i checked memory it had; total: 108.84 in use: 32.73 free 76.11 its good for me i suppose since i dont use widgets =D anyone else wanna try this?
  7. Hmm i think the DXHI1 rom was the most touch responsive and fast. try it out lol
  8. Please read first before asking questions like that... Too lazy to even read the first post??
  9. its cause of other software installed by you on the phone.. for me it doesnt work after i install diopen 6.0 on it. try and uninstalling your programs one by one and see if it works.
  10. umm is there a difference in updating with the exe file and updating with grandprix??
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