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  1. This is Only for i617 and not for i616, i wonder if i can upgrade my blackjack2 with this version (i'm i doing something wrong?)
  2. Googlemaps required internet connection tho, maybe this is the reason why it is slow! (do you have data plan>?)
  3. Hello there!r i like you to be happy all the time man. 1-Uninstall all gps stuff you upload it to BJ2.... reboot 2-install Setup[1].MoDaCo.SmartphoneGPSActivator.COM4.EXE in your pc or laptop through usb. and check if you can see it under remove programs if yes it means you have succesfully installed. 3-install Garmin mobile xt thru usb with activesync program and follow instruction if it tells you to install it in BJ2 select yes after you finish and after unlocking..... At garmin main menu u should see at the top left side like a bars or bar with small icon select it somehow and hit enter or (the O thingy)in the midle then select menu and click on disable. 4-U should see now 3 options for your gps 1 bluetooth gps 2 intermediate gps 3 serial gps Select intermediate gps wich is #2 and hit enter then back to main menu and u should see 5 bars on the top left side wait a bit it is scanning for satellite now when you hear a beep that means you get the signal Hope this help!
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