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  1. can some 1 tell me how to get the user name and password to set up on my pc ... . sorry guys but new to this and having problems
  2. if i use PC Connect it asks me for a user name and password i can't see the option on the site to register for this ???
  3. Giffas

    Vodaphone v1240

    right got the wireless working myself .. any one got any ideas on the bluetooth ??
  4. Giffas

    Vodaphone v1240

    no ideas then :D
  5. Giffas

    Vodaphone v1240

    hi guys .. looking for a little help or advice. I currently have the v1240 smartphone, good phone and not let me down yet well untill now. everything was working great untill the other week i did a reset after a crash (1st one ever i may add). but was only the other night i noticed that i was having issues with the bluetooth feature. activates fine and can see other bluetooth devices fine. I was reconnecting my bluetooth earpiece and when i type the code it asks for i get a message that its invalid. the key is 8888 and tried it a few times with the same result. I tried connecting my wifes phone to mine to test it and was able to sent a file from mine to hers fine but when creating the partnerhip between them it seems its fine on her side but she gats a message that mine has / is an invalid profile. so it seems that people can connect to me fine but i can't connect to them. Also having issues with the wireless connection aswell. says its connected fine but when trying to use IE on the phone its says cannot use this connection, when checking the connection status it gives all the info for the router except no IP and similar error when using the wireless to dial in for emails .. yet can sync emails fine has any one seen this before. or have any ideas, all help is greatly appreciated .. and Gratz on a fantastic forum, glad i found this place Giffas
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